Kitchen Craft

The kitchen is the heart of a home. The Kitchen hub to which the all members of the family inevitably gravitate. A warm, bustling, kitchen filled with the aroma of good cooking, is a delight, a haven for the householders. The kitchen should hence be well organized and crafted to the user's specification. Space should be utilized efficiently to make it a cheerful and relaxing place.

There are three simple steps to craft a perfect kitchen:

  • Measure the available space and plan effectively to create an efficient kitchen. Planning also includes the flooring and the walls.
  • List the Kitchen fitments and kitchen accessories you require, including positions of the kitchen cabinets, kitchen closet and storage space.
  • Choose the kitchen cookware and kitchen equipment required.
  • Finally choose a style that is either period or contemporary.
      • Waterless kitchen craft cookware is manufactured from the highest-grade stainless steel that prevents tastes from the metal to leach into the food.
      • A flat bottom that ensures equal distribution of heat
      • An aluminum or copper plate at the bottom that prevents hot spots that result in food sticking or burning.
      • Special lid that locks in the food juices.
      • A steam valve that indicates when heat should be turned off. This saves on energy and food continues too cook at constant temperature due to the pot's heat retaining capacity.
      • The cookware retains heat as the shiny surface of steel prevents heat radiation and the iron core maintains an even temperature even when heat is turned off.
      • Let your kitchen be open-faced, with an island or a countertop allowing you to be in conversational contact with your family members or guests in the dining room. This also gives the illusion of space in smaller kitchens.
      • Make a structural change or enlarge a window to allow the kitchen to overlook a small balcony or space filled with green plants. The plants use up most of the water and kitchen waste.
      • Plan out cabinets and storage shelves in hardwood, which is durable. The finish of the wood sets the color of the kitchen and the flooring.
      • Use small lamps to light up cabinets, sink and the island, apart from an overall light.
      • Use granite or marble for countertops, which is durable and elegant.

      Kitchen Craft Cabinets

      Once you have decided on the type of kitchen cabinets you require, kitchen specifications and where you want them placed you can place an order at a kitchen craft cabinet store. Kitchen craft cabinet stores have trained designers who can help you choose kitchen cabinets, which offer maximum storage space with the look you want and also which are within your budget. Kitchen craft cabinets are semi-custom or custom made and are hence suited to the height of the person utilizing them and also to a person's disabilities.

      Kitchen craft cabinets being custom designed allow a free reign to your creative abilities. Once you show them the design you want all cabinets are then manufactured with consistent quality standards as per your specifications. They use premium quality of wood and finishes with spectacular door designs all suited to a customer's choice and taste.

      Kitchen Thomasville

      Kitchen Thomasville is a century old furniture manufacturer in the US and a market leader in kitchen cabinets. Kitchen Thomasville manufacture all designs from the traditional to the contemporary in maple, cherry, oak and hickory with finishes as per your choice. You can choose an entire kitchen design from Kitchen Thomasville comprehensive design base with different choices of wood and detailing. Kitchen Thomasville custom built furniture is made according to a client's specifications.

      Kitchen Craft Cookware

      Kitchen craft Cookware is available in several types and you can choose a range that suits your taste. Most Kitchen craft Cookware is made of metal like aluminum. Sheet aluminum is used for baking sheets cookware, pie plates cookware or muffin pans cookware. Stockpots, steamers, pasta pots and skillets are made of sheet aluminum too. Cast aluminum is used for making saucepots, Dutch-ovens and heavy baking pans. Anodized aluminum is used for saute pans, stockpots and roasters.Kitchen craft Cookware is also available in stainless steel as carbon steel cookware, enameled cookware and non-stick cookware.

      Non-metallic cookware is used for baking or in microwave cooking, like Pyrex glass or silicone bakeware.

      Kitchen craft cookware is a specially designed high-end cookware for easy cooking and durability. Kitchen craft cookware is manufactured by a unique combination of five layers of metal by an exclusive process. A core of slow heating carbon steel between two layers of stainless steel conducts the heat up the sidewalls. Foods cook evenly in a complete circle of heat. The 'water seal' lid prevents escape of natural food juices and food cooks in its own moisture.

      Kitchen craft cookware has a built in audio timer. The 'vapor valve' alerts you when the proper cooking temperature has been reached. You can then reduce heat and the food cooks evenly in its own juices, hence preserving natural flavor and goodness.

      Kitchen craft cookware saves energy, as cookwar requires only medium to low stovetop temperatures. Kitchen craft cookware also saves on space and cooking time by utilizing stack cooking.

      Kitchen craft cookware reduces cooking temperatures and time taken, minimum use of fat and hence reduced cholorestrol, less meat shrinkage, increased nutrition and health.

      Waterless Kitchen Craft Cookware Ideas

      Waterless kitchen craft cookware is uniquely designed to allow cooking of food in its natural moisture without extra use of water.

      Waterless kitchen craft cookware is characterized by:

      Waterless cookware makes cooking easier and requires less time. There is no burning or sticking of food. Pots are easier too clean. No oil usage and food cooked is delicious and nutritious.

      Kitchen Closet

      Kitchen closet is an area of the kitchen used to store anything and everything, from pots and pans, cookware and dishes; to recipes and napkins everything finds it way into the Kitchen closet. The main function of a Kitchen closet is storage but care should be taken that clutter does not accumulate. Be precise about what you want in the Kitchen closet and stick to this plan. All other things not required should be disposed off, give away what you do not need. An organized Kitchen closet will ultimately lead to an efficient and organized kitchen.

      Kitchen Craft Designs

      The design of a kitchen reflects the personality and style of its owner. There are various designs to suit even the most finicky individual and her tastes.

      The Modern Kitchen Craft Design: Modern kitchen craft design style is characterized by the fast paced life of today. Minimalist and contemporary. With less accessories, sleek and stark and colored bright with yellows, blues and reds. Materials used are granite, chrome, steel and marble.

      The Victorian Kitchen Craft Design: Gothic designs, period furniture in solid wood, elaborate pointed arches, and use of chandeliers, lamps and scones for lighting.

      The Art and Craft Kitchen:

      Art and craft kitchen is a design from the period 1860-1920 characterized by the art of William Morris. The art and craft movement chooses to enhance the domestic environment by reverting to nature, use of craftsmen to craft furniture and by eliminating the superfluous and the ugly. All elements of the kitchen come from natural resources and are designed for years of usage. They believe that improved living conditions improve and strengthen a person's character. As William Morris says " Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful".

      Materials used are oak for cabinets and closets, wooden floors that are polished or stained and utensils that reflect the period design.

      The Country Art and Craft Design: Country art and craft design uses earthy colors, pine paneling, wallpaper, barnboards and has a rustic look. Furnished in wood with less usage of modern gadgets.

      The Eclectic Art and Craft Design: Electric art and craft design is a mish-mash of all designs. A mixture of the modern and old, where everything goes and everything works.

      The Traditional Art and Craft Design: Rich colors, heavy wooden furniture, crown moldings, antiques and all characterize this design.

      Kitchen Craft Ideas

      Before you begin to remodel your kitchen you should look at some kitchen Crafts ideas.

      Kitchen Remodeling

      It should be noted that kitchen remodeling increases the utility, design and more importantly the re-sale value of a home. Further all remodeling should be undertaken after proper permits are issued and allow for inspections. If local building codes are violated, the houseowner's insurance is invalidated.

      Changing concepts require that the design of a kitchen also change. An island has now become a necessity to allow more than one person to work simultaneously. The most important benefit of an island is the extra workspace, storage and room for an appliance it provides. Depending on the size of the kitchen you can choose between a custom built or collapsible island.

      A remodeling is the time to install an efficient range hood to remove the greasy vapors that are part of cooking. Taking the kitchen layout and local building codes into consideration, choose a range hood with carbon filters. Carbon filters are more durable and effective than conventional filters.

      Since cooking is the mainstay of a kitchen, choose a cooking range that fulfils all your cooking needs. A high-end cooktop has six burners, which is necessary for a large family. Check the security features of the cooking range if there are children in the house. Also check that the cooktop is easy to clean.

      This is the best time to dump your old refrigerator for an energy efficient model. Brands with an ENERGY STAR save upto 15% of your electricity bills. Choose a refrigerator with good storage capacity.

      Replace old countertops with granite or marble options. They are durable, elegant and low maintenance.

      A kitchen remodeling will change the look of the place making it more enjoyable to work in. apart from increasing the overall equity of your home.

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