Kid's Crafts

Crafting is an effective way of introducing creative activities to the kids, not only at the schools or the day care centres but also at home while spending time with their loved ones. Parents, teachers and child specialists in addition should take note on making kid crafting easier and more interesting so that the young minds can easily fit in to this kind of activities.

There are numerous of effective methods available that can make kids crafting more appealing for the kids to work on and perhaps continue it as a personal hobby of their own in later years. One of the methods includes the addition colourful accessories for the crafts.

Kid's crafts or teen crafts also require very minimal cost for the purchase of craft accessories. The essential crafts accessories include papers, children's scissors, white glue, markers, crayons, coloured pencils, watercolours, tempera paint and other crafts accessories.

Colored Rice Kid's Crafts

Colored Rice Kids Crafts is a colourful craft which can be made with very little effort by the kids. All the Kid need is uncooked white rice, some variety of food colours especially red or green and vinegar. At first place a quantity of ½ cup white rice into a bowl and add at maximum 5 drops of the food colour and about ½ teaspoon of vinegar. The vinegar helps in to set the colour on the rice. Then onto a baking sheet place the rice flat and put it on to bake for about 45 minutes in order to make it dry. The kids can use this coloured rice to stick onto white papers with the help of glue and write the alphabets. This can also be used by the teachers or parents to teach the little ones the letters from the alphabets.

Egg Cartoon Flowers Kid's Crafts

Egg cartoon flowers craft can be made in groups by the kids in the classroom or perhaps at home as a nice gift to their loved ones for Christmas as Christmas crafts such as ornaments etc . An egg cartoon that is made of cardboard is required along with some colourful paints and markers and some pipe cleaners. Using a safe kid's cutter firstly cut out the cups of the eggs cartoon. Use the cut out part of the cartoon to bend and curl so that it resembles a tulip flower. Use at most 4 to 6 pieces of the cut out cartoon cups for making each tulip. Now poke a hole at the centre of the cup and thread a pipe cleaner through it. Knot the pipe so that it resembles a stem to the tulip flower created and add colours to the flower with a marker or water paint. You can add more pipe cleaners to balance the leaves of the tulip and attach it with the stem by twisting it.

Bubble Painting Kids crafts

Bubble painting is a fun craft that the kids can easily make without much effort and with the accessories that are widely available in every household. For this the kids require some bubble solution, powder tempera paint, T.P. tube, straw and the plastic rings found from a 6 pack of soda. Pour the bubble mix into a tray and add 1 teaspoon of the powder tempera paint. Mix them well then dip the blowing wand made from the straw, plastic ring and tube into the solution to blow bubbles on to a white sheet of paper. Once the bubbles settle on to the paper, it pops to spread out the colour. Kids can use varied colours to make the painting more fascinating.

Finger Tip Pictures kids crafts

Kids are always prone to making their hands and fingers messy either with dirt from the fields or from paint. The finger tip picture craft will definitely pleasure the kids as it requires putting on colours on to their fingers. All that is needed is an ink pad, some white papers and coloured pencils and markers. At first, press a finger on the ink pad and then at once press that again on to a white paper. Use colourful pencils or markers to add legs, hands or tails to the figure obtained by pressing the inked finger to create some fun pictures such as birds, goldfish, rabbits or just anything.

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