Indoor Crafts

The word Craft denotes to a particular genre of art that requires skills and experience to carry out. Indoor crafting has been introduced to the human beings since the prehistoric times. Japanese paper crafting known as the origami is known to have been existed since the sixth century AD and even before that in China during the second century AD. Today, origami symbolizes one of the numerous Japanese cultures.

Crafting does not necessarily has to be made out paper but a variety of natural media can be used to work on that include wood for wood crafting, clay for clay crafting, textiles for textile crafting , glass for glass crafting as well as metals for metal crafting. These materials can be used to create some very unique decorative items that can be displayed in the house in order to increase indoor beauty.

This genre of the crafting art can be named as indoor crafting and the ornamental that are obtained from this art are known as the indoor crafts. Indoor crafts are easy to carry out and require very negligible costs for its materials. Most of the times, they can be made out of the ordinary and everyday materials that are present in every household.

Indoor Milk Jug Bird Feeder Crafts

Milk jug bird feeder crafting can be used to make feeder for birds where you can keep your pet's seeds during the meal times. All you require is an empty plastic gallon milk jug that has a lid. Using a knife or a cutter, make a rectangular window on its side along with two other poke holes for the perches. Then you add two normal pencils into the perches and insert bird seeds into the bottom of the jug.

Indoor Juice Carton Bags or Crayon Boxes Crafting

You can easily make juice can crayon boxes by washing and drying empty cardboard juice cartons and cutting off their upper tops. Then you can use pieces of masking tape to cover up the whole of the cartoon. Add as such tape as you can and then use crayons to colour the entire tape box. The taping makes the boxes more robust and can be turned into nice crayon holders for your children's dresser and desk.

Indoor Aluminium Can Crafts

Aluminium cans can be crafted to make nice looking holders for barrettes, paper clips, rubber bands, jewellery or other cute items. You can start off my painting an empty tuna can and after rinsing it properly. You can either choose to paint it with acrylic and spray and then embellish with glitter and glue, buttons, lace or stickers. By using the same procedure, you can convert a soup or a vegetable can into a nice pencil or pen holder.

Indoor Coffee Can Crafts

You can ask your kids to cut pictures from outdated magazines or tell them to draw pictures of anything that they want. Then you can embellish the cans with pictures, glitter, stickers or anything that you desire. Then you can make a hole in the top of the plastic and convert it into a bank for your kids to deposit money. Every time the kids put in some money, they contribute some more to the "wish" item. This is a fantastic way of teaching your kids how to save money.

Indoor Jar Candle Crafts

You can also utilise jar candles to make indoor crafts by storing candle stubs. After you have collected a lot, melt all of them in a double boiler. You can add colouring to the wax by adding portions of crayon in the wax mixture. You can then take a glass jelly or a mason jar and fill them up with the molten wax. The wick can be made out of cotton yarns which are commonly available at craft stores. The outside of the jars can be decorated withacrylic paint.

Magazine House

You can make crafts out of magazines by taking out the pictures of tables, chairs, curtains and numerous other furnishings from old outdated magazines or catalogues. Then you can sketch an "open sided" on a large drawing paper sheet. Ask your kids to put the different pictures of the furnishings in the different rooms that they like. This can basically be done with any picture that they want, for example, toys, pets, people, etc. 

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