History Of Martial Arts

To know about the history of martial arts, we have to know what martial arts is! Martial arts are known as special physical skills, or techniques or a way of combat. Though the aim of martial arts is not to attack but to defend from the attackers. Apart from self-defense other objectives of doing this is self-confidence, a mode of sport, character development and fitness. Now speaking about the History of martial arts we have to start with the most common martial art known as Karate. This is very much familiar in Asian countries. This is a Japan based martial arts. It is founded by RYUKYU Island Group in 1874. We can match it up with one of the martial art of Japan known as OKINAWA. The royal members of Okinawa Royalty and their retainers practice these Okinawa martial arts; this is very ancient kind of martial arts. But, in modern time these martial arts get combined with the Chinese influences, that will make it popular in China and other countries too, then it was named as Karate. Thehistory of karate says that it is derived from ancient martial arts of Japan known as Okinawa, then it emerged with the Chinese techniques and named as Karate, though stills the styles and ways are very similar to the Okinawa Martial arts. This karate is studied in Schools and colleges commonly for the purpose of self-defense. So after discussing the traditional martial art of Japan, we have also to discuss the world famous martial art of China, which is none other than Kung Fu Martial arts. Chinese martial arts are one of the important aspects related to Chinese culture. All the martial arts combat in China based on Strike, throws, pressure point attacks and joint manipulation. This term is not popular till 20th Century, but it's the movies that make it popular all over the world. These are Hongkong based action movies, started in 1960's. Then there is another Kung fu known as Shaolin Kung fu, which became popular from famous Shaolin Temple. Though the history of Kung Fu, started from India itself at the time of religion of Buddha's, and earlier known as the Buddhism Kung Fu. It goes to China in 500 AD. After discussing the martial art history of China, Japan and India, there is another martial arts popular country known as Philippines. Concept of martial arts starts with late 1500 when Spaniards comes to the Philippines. Though it has always been famous for its especially skilled martial arts as there is an always-violent clash between the conquerors and conquered. These martial arts includes fights empty handed or stick fights, or with bladed weapons. In Philippines, sticks are considered as the best weapon for the martial arts. These are wooden hardwood sticks, and as hard as they could even break a sword blade. Though bladed weapons are called as illegal, then these stick fights comes to the martial arts, andit is considered as one of the modern martial art in Asian countries. Like these there are other countries too, which uses martial arts and teach their students inschools and colleges for the self-defense purpose. Kali is also considered as one of the famous martial arts of Spaniards. So, above I had discuss about martial arts, history of various martial arts like karate, kung fu and Philippines martial arts, how much it is popular and important in Asian countries. Hope you all are satisfied with the above description and think that how they are useful in today's world.