History Of Arts

Art is something that is god’s gift to a human being and it can come out in any form. No one knows when and where he or she can become an artist. May be a doctor possess extremely touching voice, or may be a wrestler can become a good guitarist. Thus art is nothing but a sense of personal craft in a person. Art has been there from ages and certain arts have become an integral part of our history. Some places in the world are known only for the art they have inculcated in their citizens.

Some of the most famous arts have there roots from Asia, as you can take the popular marshal arts. This art started in china and is one of the most prestigious fighting arts in the world. Even if you are not able to remind the art then try to remind Bruce lee one of the most popular marshal artist who became a movie star later in his life. Asia is also famous for its handicraft; India is a country where you can see lots of handicraft in rural areas where people can make beautiful crafts from bamboo sticks and paper. Japan is famous for its aikido art. Ai means joining; Ki means spirit and Do means way. Thus this art is also really famous in Asia.

Greek art is also one of the ancient arts. Earlier Greek used to be controlled by men only. Women were not even allowed citizenships. This fact can be understood from Greek drawings, there women were always dressed in full cloths while the male were depicted without any cover. This nudity was considered as a sign of male dominance and the freedom that males used to have in ancient times. This nudity was considered as sacred art for many times, even now you can see many portrays on Greek streets with nude men. This was kind of life style for the Greek. The ancient figure of kouros is one such example of ancient Greek art. This led to male athleticism in nude and then originated the Herculean gymnastics from the land of Greece. These nude males were used to showcase masculinity, perfect figure and strength.

Greece is also known for the food it have in store for people. The art of making fantastic cuisines can be considered as one of the most popular art in Greece. The cuisines are just outrageous and make you eat the last piece. The art of serving the meal and the art of garnishing is also a part of Greek culture. Greek wine is also famous as Greece has large stores of ancient wines.

Philippines art is also one art that can make you feel the special Philippians courtesy. The way these people make culinary art is really ravishing. The breads, the pastries, the handicraft all are just impeccable. The students in Philippines are specially trained in pastry making, wines and many other art forms. This country has made Italian cuisine famous all around the globe. Thus one can say that if you want to learn about actual art then you need to have knowledge ofhistory of Asian arts, history of Greek arts, and history of Philippine arts. If you understand all of them then only it can be understood that you have knowledge of art history.

All these arts have one thing in common that they are not copied from any other art form; all of them are originated by the people of that time. Since the day they have been originated, the whole word has become a fan of these arts. You namethe art and the people will tell you that it is Indian art; it is a Greek art or a Chinese art. This is what actual art does to the whole world. It spreads its charm. Thus whatever art you have seen, do try to understand thehistory behind it.  

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