Hip Hop Music

Hip hop music, as we all are aware, is really famous in these modern days. It originated in the 1970s in the South Bronx of New York City. There are a number of sub culture music styles that are evolved with Rap music.

History Hip Hop Music

During the 1970s, African American Puerto Rican community in New York City developed the Rap music niche. It is in fact a style that came into existence while trying to add rap music and other instrumentsi.e. drum machines, synthesizers in live bands. Rappers are the vital subject of the hip hop although there are several more than just only rapping. It began with simple music versions that were improvised and modernized throughout the years.

Styles and Techniques

Hip hop music or Rap music is not simply music at all. It is consists of other things, besides being the music. If we talk about hip hop culture and community, it has undergone a lot of changes and transformations. Hip hop music has evolved a new trend of clothing to all artists on the rap music domain including the individual listening to it. We can witness most of the artists donning baggy clothes, with numerous 'blings' in their accessories. It is all part of the transformationthe hip hop community witnessed.  


The language is also a bit unique. Black people residing in Bronx have a particular style or slang in their local parlance. They are more of the baroque way of speaking, and they have inculcated that style in their music. Rap music comprised of songs that are written for people who wants to express their feelings in an edgy way.

Birth of Hip Hop Music

The hip hop music was originated by the backing of a group of silenced youth. The youth of Inner city felt that they are getting an unbiased quality life nor they are even being heard. History is a witness of the fact that when expression is suppressed, something bad, generally something aggressive is the outcome. In the case of hip hop, the aggression wasn't expressed in violence but rather in a huge movement that would transform not only the urban areas close to its birth but the entire society as a whole as well!

Parts of Hip Hop Music


In the initial days, hip hop music wasn't even considered as hip hop. In the mid to late 70s  black and Latino youths from the Bronx were searching for a way to express themselves and used open microphones at house parties which facilitates to perform a type of poetry over any song that was playing there. This way the rap music came into existence. Although rapping may appear to be easy to a layman, the fact is, not everyone had the dexterity to express themselves in this way.

Break Dance

So, another form of self expression in terms of rap was evolved in the form of break dancing. People could be found not only at parties but on streets with a boom box and a piece of cardboard, dancing to expressing themselves and even for money in a few cases.


The graffiti is also a transformation of the hip hop music society. In the earlier years this was used as a way of expression for the political activists. Now, hip hop people transformed it into a method for them to express their way of life, thoughts with the modern society, and all other issues. It can be envisioned throughout the Bronx which is its birth place.

The last way of expression is the most debatable one! Some youth couldn't dance nor they could do rap but they want to find out the way bywhich they can also be a part of this movement. But they have the ability to draw. This art form, which to most, is considered graffiti was now rechristened "tagging" in the hip hop community. Tagging was created when the artist of one clique would create a symbolthat was now his group's proclaimed logo and spray paintthis logo on subwaytrains. But why they chose subway trains and not walls? Well, the fact that the subway system ran all through the city was a good source of advertisementof his crew to the other allied crews.


So, hip hop music is the blend of all three of the above said facets. Rap, break dance and graffiti art are all equal contributors to the hip hop movement. Hip hop music was a feeling which can be least expressed in words; it ever became a source of expression and it will remain a way of life, long after all of the expression forms are gone!

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