Graphics Arts Design

In modern web era, graphic art design has become equally important to both print and web media. This is an exquisite form of art that enunciates visual communication through text and images in order to represent informative data. Graphics art design articulates not only any informational data but it also focuses on the essential rules to engross intellectualized skills of presentation in addition to aesthetics and appropriate craftsmanship inclusive of typography, page layout and visual perception.

Historical significance of graphic art design:

In the 3rd or 4th millennium B.C, the graphic art design had its prominent footsteps ornamenting significant informative documentation relating to the origin of graphic art design. Example includes the paintings inscribed within the Lascaux caves around 14 thousand B.C. Another significant example of graphic art entails the composing of hand-written copy of Gospels of the Christian Bible developed by Celtic monks during 800A.D.

Contribution to the modernized world:

The modern age essentially encompasses and understands the crucial importance of graphic art design and it has a tendency towards continuous development by holding the hand of packaging industry. In modern world, graphic art design establishes its valuable landmark in various sectors inclusive of administration, advertising, education, entertainment, journalism as well as on the web.

Web Design:

In addition to the print media, web industry understands the value of graphic art in essence of planning and designing of a website in accordance with its modeling and execution through electronic media. Concerning the design of web pages, the web designers typically systematize the development of pages in either static or dynamic format depending on the requisition needed from client as well as server end. The design of the pages are particularly enhanced with a thorough understanding of placement of texts and images, font faces, color and sizes, appropriate tagging, animations, sounds or active-X plug-ins


Use of fonts is very much critical in the design of any layout whether be it for print media otherwise for the web. Typography is a study that focuses on the art as well as mechanism of type design, arrangement and ordering of types as well as altering any type glyphs. The setting up of type and its proper arrangement need an active engagement of typesetters, graphic artists, typographers, compositors and art directors.

In single words, graphic art design is an art that entirely dependent on the perfect blend of aesthetics, knowledge and intellectual abilities in addition to its ability to captivate human psyche and feelings.