Ford Center Performing Arts

The Ford Center for the performing arts oriental theatre is one of a kind. It is situated in Chicago and has several unique qualities. It is related to Broadway of Chicago, and there are several unique musicals performed here. These musicals are performed every day, and the show timings can be found on the company website.

The Design:

The theatre is designed in such a way that, the entire audience has a good view of the stage. Since musicals are being presented in the Ford Center for the performing arts, Chicago, the seating is planned in a very interesting way. Every single viewer who is present for a musical performance is not denied the ability to get a wonderful theatre experience.

The theatre has domed ceilings, which have been designed very well, and has a very unique taste of architecture. There are pillars too, that surround the place, and intricate decoration is part of this phenomenal creation. These designs and settings make the viewing very pleasurable for the viewers. It is also taken a place among the tourists, for this wonderful presentation that is a visual treat.

The other unique qualities of the theatre are its extraordinary sound system, and the bar areas.


Programs are conducted every day in the Ford Center for the performing arts, Chicago, Illinois, and there will be information about these shows on the website. The events will also be listed for the week, so it is easy for the audience to find the necessary show they want to attend. Ford Center for the performing arts seating chart is also available on the Internet.

Viewers can then plan where they want to be seated when they buy the tickets. It is also a good idea for anyone to book the tickets in advance. Since this theatre is a major theatre attraction, there is bound to be a lot of rush at all times. Since the theatre takes a lot of efforts to provide a variety of musical shows, there will be no need to think twice about buying tickets for any show.

Tickets can be bought online, as this theatre is affiliated with some good sites. The individual buying the ticket may just select the particular seat that he wants, as he will also be allowed to view the seating chart online. This is indeed a very interesting option, as many individuals may like to be seated in various places according to their liking, to view the stage.

Short History:

This theatre earlier used to feature live performances, when it was first opened in the year 1926. This place was initially a movie house, and later evolved as a theatre. It was redesigned after a particular time. The theatre takes a lot of effort to bring in good musical shows that have quality of an unusual kind.

During the early days, this theatre can boast of the presence of several famous actors, and it was so popular that it was never empty. After the theatre was renovated, the first show to take place at the venue was called "Ragtime".

How To Get There:

The Ford Center for the performing arts, Chicago is located on Randolph Street in the city. There are several ways to reach the theatre. As it is a major tourist attraction, there will be no problem reaching the place. Any train or bus would take one there, and if one is new to the city, they could simply ask for directions. Anyone could lead the person to the theatre.

For those who are keen on catching a glimpse of the theatre before going there, they may find some good pictures on the Internet on travel sites as well as many other sites. There will also be maps on the travel sites about how one can reach the theatre. All this has made it very simple for the viewers to gain access to the theatre and enjoy a show.

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