Ford Center for Performing Arts

To discuss about this topic first we have to know what is performing arts. And how many performing arts are present nowadays! As per the name we can explain this as an art that we show by performing. In simple words we can say that it is an art where an actor or player acts or perform a particular role and try to give us the lesson behind story. Its all depends on the performance of an actor, that whether he/ she should be able to make the public understand the meaning and lesson of play in which he/ she is performing.

We can classify performing arts in three categories known as

  • Music
  • Theater
  • Dance

Now I think we people understand what performing arts is! Now we can move to Ford Center of Performing Arts. It is one of the top class theaters known for its shows plays and also given few Top class actors and actress to Hollywood. They name this theater as Oriental Theater. It was founded in late 1920's in Chicago. Though its feature and décor inspired by Indian Architectural.. This is one of the largest theaters and also provides the seating arrangement for about 3,250 spectators. This theater is designed and modified by the great Architect Mr. Daniel Coffey.

This is considered as one of the supported houses in Chicago's revitalized Loop Theater District. The Broadway in Chicago manages this theatre. The most famous musical event ever happens here is "Wicked" which is a story about the Witches of OZ, and also based on the same name novel.

Due to popularity of this famous musical play, the Orient Theater becomes famous all over. If talking about the sitting area then I tell you that seating part is divided in 3 parts. These are Orchestra, Dress Circle and Balcony.

Hence the tickets rates of the theater are varied from place to place. Though it has a great sitting arrangement and having 3250 seats too, but due to its popularity it always lack seats in its shows, as there is always the over demand of tickets.

This Ford Center theater is known as the king of theaters in performing arts, but there are few other performing arts theater too that are giving competition to this theater nowadays. One of them is Cerritos Center for performing arts, it is situated in California and this is one of the latest centers founded in 1993.

The basic play here are organized are specially are Opera, Dance, Jazz, Music, Drama and Comedy performances. Orange Country Performing arts center is also very much famous, as it is situated in California too and was established in 1969, but it become famous at its second show in 1972.

So, above are our views and thinking about performance arts, its types, and Ford center of performing arts how much it is famous all over the world. What role does this performance arts played in today's world and how it develop the skills of an artist! Hope you all understand and agreed that Ford Center For Performing arts is the most famous performing art center today. And also how relevant performing art is after the above statement, even it's a good source of Income too and a step to become famous too.

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