Fine Arts


A fine art is more of a concept. It is a concept which represents practical application of art form expressed either in visual form or in performing art form. A fine art is not just limited to painting, sculpturing or engraving but includes dance, theatre, photography, calligraphy and music.

In fact the definition of Fine Arts is extended to include any artistic representation created primarily for aesthetic purposes and marked for its beauty, meaningfulness, taste and purity. The word “fine” symbolizes purity. Fine art is a depiction and representation of the creator’s vision and cannot be criticized or corrected by anyone else.

Different Forms Of Fine Arts



Illustration is a visualization wherein the object is given more importance than the shape or form. It is a means to provide visual representation to objects. Examples of illustration are painting, sketching, drawing and photographs.

Drawing and painting uses different ink or colours to represent the visual effect and add glamour to mere sketching. There are several sub-categories of drawing and painting as well as several methods of drawing and painting. Cartooning is again a sub-set of drawing. Depending on approach and means used, painting can be classified as oil painting, water painting, crayon painting etc. Sketching and cartooning are often used for comics where a series of images are used to convey a sequential narrative.


In Mosaics, small pieces of stones or glasses are used to form images or patterns. One can witness mosaic art in churches where different coloured glassed are used in arch windows to depict stories. In Islamic architecture, mosaic art was used to create beautiful patterns on the floors using marbles and other stones.


Architecture is an art of structural building designs which takes care of aesthetic look of the building along with its physical strength. Pyramids in Egypt or Taj Mahal in India are glaring examples of architecture as a fine art.


Photography is a form of fine art which takes into account a photographers vision using a camera. Photography can be coloured, black and white or sepia. Depending on the object or vision it captures, photography can be classified into still photography, sports photography, nature photography, glamour photography, fashion photography etc.

With advancement in technology, many new gadgets have been invented which not only makes photography easy but also affordable. Now the photographers can play with photographs using photo studio software and can change the look, shades and appearance of the photographs. Different kinds of camera has given a new aspect to photography as an art and drawn many new patrons and practitioners.

Performing Arts

Performing arts is defined as an art form where artist uses body movements to represent his or her vision in front of the audience. Music, dance and theatre fall under this category. There can be different form of arts under these three sub categories depending on the instruments used and type of body movements performed. Some also consider Circus to fall under this category.

It is to be noted that performing arts should not be restricted to enclosed arena but can be performed in open. Also, theatre can be in silent form and might include dance as important aspect. Music as an art form can be classical, western or folk depending on the region it represents. Music, dance and theatre are mostly interlinked and often played together. Opera also falls under this category of fine arts.

Film and Cinematography

Film and Cinematography is considered as an important fine art discipline. It is the strongest medium of fine arts because of its reach and power to express wide variety of visions. Of all the types of fine arts Film and cinematography is considered as most powerful social messenger and has a major influence on masses. With new technological advancement in film and cinematography field, this fine art discipline has come a long way.


A sculpture is an artwork created by shaping either hard or soft materials. Examples of hard materials are stone, metal etc. Examples of soft material are clay, plastic etc. A sculpture is three dimensional pieces. One can see different forms of sculpture in gardens and major road crossings. Sculpture is not restricted to human form but can take any form which can be artistically represented.

However, it is to be noted that fine arts is not limited to different forms mentioned above and includes anything that satisfies the definition of fine art. There are other forms of fine arts also like printing and imaging, creative writing, computer aided designs, jewelry design etc.

Fine Art as a Subject:

Fine art is studied as a subject where students are not only taught to represent their vision in different forms of fine arts but also taught the theory behind arts and various approaches and methods used in fine arts. Fine arts can be studied as graduate and masters levels and some institutes/universities also offers doctoral degrees in fine arts.

There are also several diploma and certification courses available for learning different fine arts discipline. Today fine arts as a subject have gained popularity and there are many students pursuing fine arts as a career path and not just as a hobby which was the trend earlier.

Today, there are many fine arts schools and institutes specializing in one particular fine arts discipline and offering excellent learning avenues. These schools and Institutes also create career opportunities for the students. However, it is to be noted that pursuing fine arts needs passion and devotion to the subject. It takes time to excel in the subject and one should have patience and faith in what he or she is doing.

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