Fine Arts Courses


If you have the desire to study fine arts you can avail of the many courses available from the leading universities and institutes.

You can choose the course and specialization depending on your likings and preferences. The formal trainings are intended to not only harness your skills required for pursuing fine arts as a career but at the same time also makes you aware about the history behind each art form. A formal course also prepares the candidate to make a living out of arts stream pursued and present the student with various career opportunities.

A student can pursue Bachelor course and then opt for a Masters’ degree. Some Universities and Institutes also offer diploma courses which give more importance to practical papers and experimentations with the art form rather than learning and applying theory. If the student wishes, he/she can enroll for research level studies in Fine arts leading to Ph.D/MPhill. Some of the institutes also organize summer camps to help the students identify their areas of interest before enrolling into full fledged degree or diploma courses.

Now-a-days, even exchange programmes are available for students pursuing fine arts studies with many universities and institutes entering into global exchange programs.

Career Prospect:

Fine arts is a broad field and includes disciplines like applied arts; sculpting; decorative arts; plastic arts; painting and drawing; performing arts like dance, drama and music; abstract arts; architecture; landscape designing; media arts and advertising; film studies; interior design; fashion design like dress designing, jewelry designing, accessories designing; pottery and mural arts among others. With the massive growth of patrons of fine arts and global market available to sell art, fine arts has become commercially lucrative option and the employment opportunity has gone up tremendously. Now-a-days lots of young people are opting for career in fine arts.

The reason being high remuneration coupled with fame and an opportunity to work without boundaries. Career in fine arts not only provides the artists an opportunity to apply their vision without any limitation but also enables them to work as per their choice and desire and to do the work which they revere most. There are many career opportunities and growth prospects available to fine arts artists depending on their talent, personality and determination.

They can work independently as freelancer or open their own art houses or hold exhibitions of their creations at exhibitions houses. They can also get employed on permanent basis or on contractual basis with art houses, advertising agencies, media houses and textile industry. If the artist is practicing performing art then he/she can get attached to drama house, production house or film and theatre business.

Teaching is also an avenue opted by many fine arts graduates after doing masters or a doctoral on a specialization subject. Art critics or art writer is also a lucrative career opportunity for fine arts graduates.

Courses Available:

BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts): BFA is an undergraduate course available for students opting for fine arts as their stream of study. BFA can be available in Painting, Fine art media, sculpting or other stream specialization. BFA is usually three to four year course and is offered in studio based practical course. During the first year the students are provided a general overview of Fine arts and after completion of first year of study students can opt for their specialization subject. Since Fine arts is more of a practical subject, due importance is given on work shops and practical classes. Students are provided extensive training and are exposed to market critics so that they get ready for career after passing out from the university/institute. Most Universities or Institutes often offer BA (Bachelor of Arts-Fine Arts) rather than a BFA degree. In BA degree course theory and history of fine arts is also given equal importance unlike BFA where more emphasis is given on practical aspect. There are several universities offering bachelors course in Fine arts.

MFA (Master in Fine Arts): MFA is offered to students who have already obtained BFA or BA (Fine Arts) degree. MFA aims to enhance the skills obtained at undergraduate level and take it to the next stage. MFA is again available in wide variety of subjects depending on the course undertaken in bachelors’ level and the specialization one seeks to achieve or the student can choose an interdisciplinary course. MFA is a two years course and a studio based program. MFA is research oriented course and students are required to submit a research paper as part of the curriculum. The first year is dedicated to theory and in-house practical and experimentation and the second year is dedicated to independent research. Most Universities or Institutes often offer MA (Master of Arts-Fine Arts) rather than a MFA degree.

PhD/MPhil: Doctoral Courses are also available in Fine Arts and students are granted a PhD or MPhil degrees. In doctoral course the students are required to submit a written thesis as well as a studio work. However, some universities offer facility to register for a PhD, either for written thesis or for studio work.

Diploma Courses: The diploma courses emphasis on the practical aspect of the subject and is generally of one year to three year duration. Any one with an aptitude for fine arts can enroll for a diploma course and select his field of study.

Certification Courses: Several Institutes offers short certification courses ranging from one month to one year duration. Any one with an aptitude for fine arts can enroll for a diploma course and select his field of study.

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