Fine Arts Museums

To know about this, first we have to know what is the meaning of fine art, and then we have to discuss where are the famous fine art museums all over the world!

In simple, we can explain the fine art as a mixture of limited number of visual arts and performing arts. It’s an old concept, but few schools and art colleges still use this as to indicate traditional perspective on the art form. This may mainly includes dancing, theater, music, painting, architecture, etc.

Now after going through the definitions our next step is to discuss the famous museums of fine arts all over world. These are: -

1. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston: - As per the name it is located in Huntington Avenue, Boston city. This is a very old museum and established in 1876. Today, it is such a popular museum that it is marked as the most comprehensive art museum in the world. Every year more than one million visitors visits the museum to check the fine art. This museum mostly contains the art of Egyptians, that’s why the Egyptians are most common visitors here. They are having more than 4,50,000 work of arts in the museum.

2. Museum Of Fine Art, Houston: - This is also a very old museum established in 1900 as group of civic leaders found a community known as Houston Public School Art for the development and promotion of art. Though the original museum started on 1926. There is the collection of all time items, from ancient world to today’s world and having a collection of total 55000 works of arts. And very much familiar with visitors. Here the artwork is from all the regions like Asia, Africa, Egypt, Europe, America, etc.

3. Virginia Fine Arts Museum: - This is located at Richmond, Virginia. Here there are collection of Asian, Egyptian, Ancient, Himalayan, South Asian, and European arts. The main purpose of this is to make fine art famous all over the world. This museum already achieves an International reputation in art market because of its collection of art. But still it is going for expansion so that to become the leader in Arts Museum.

4. Mexican Arts Museum: - This is located in Chicago. The purpose for making this museum is to promote the knowledge and appreciation of Mexican Culture all over the world. As the art of work here is mostly Mexican art. But still there are lots of visitor’s visits here every year. This museum was established in 1990. This museum also provides employment to Mexican arts professionals and motivates them to provide their best art collection. Even few educational programs are also a part of this museum.

Apart from above all museums, there are many other museums situated in many countries. Even India too has their own museums and having a good selection of regional and cultural free arts. But the problem that it is not much famous is that media is not playing any promotional role here.

So, above we had tried to explain the meaning of fine art, the famous museums of fine arts all over the world, when they are established, and how much they are famous!Hope you too having the same views on the above topic and hence are satisfied with my discussion as per the above. Though we are not an artist but by discussing this topic any one can think how is the life of an artist, and it is different from a common man!

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