Fender Guitars

Guitar - a Musical Instrument:

The world of music, more specifically the western music world will go dumb without use of Guitars. Guitar is a stringed musical instrument being played on stage by one or more musicians artistically to make the audience spell bound.

Without the background of guitars adding pep to the high pitched voices of the singers, they will only be sounds and not music any more. Thus the nerve reckoning music of rhythm is largely supported by Guitars

Fender Guitars Origin:

Feeling the popularity and growth potentiality of guitar musical instrument for stage concerts, way back in 1946, Clarence Leonidas Fender started his own company named Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company at Fullerton, California, U.S.A.

Even though guitars were being manufactured and sold in many countries, Fender was innovative in designing a unique electric guitar - a solid body guitar unlike the earlier versions which were of hollow body construction - and started mass production to feed the market with electric guitars in Spanish style which were named originally as Broadcaster and another single pick-up version named Esquire.

Apart from the above, Fender rolled into the market many more varieties such as Electric Bass Guitars , Precision Bass guitars and Stratocaster (in short Strat) guitars. The Strat guitars were a run-away success and gained tremendous popularity in music circles.

The following were the other popular musical instruments of Fender origin:

  • Starcaster Fender Guitar
  • Jaguar Fender Guitar
  • Jazzmaster Fender Guitar
  • Mustang Fender Guitar
  • Duosonic Fender Guitar
  • Bronco Fender Guitar

Apart from guitars Fender brands were selling like hot cakes in other instruments of Jazz bazz, electric violin and Fender Rhodes electric piano also. The lap steel design guitar of Leo Fender is the basic for all subsequent models of guitars which rose to popularity among musicians because of their utmost utility and impeccable performance.

Expansion of production by Fender Guitars:

Leo Fender was reigning the market of guitars solely from 1946 to 1965 and diversified his activities into manufacture of amplifiers and amplifying systems from his original Company which had started to spread in various other countries as well, for mass production of guitars to meet the growing demand in the meantime.

Columbia Broadcasting System bought the manufacturing and trading companies of Leo Fender in 1965. Again there was a twist in this success story whereby in 1985 the Company was bought by its own employees and renamed as Fender Musical Instruments Corporation which holds well even today in manufacturing and marketing the famous Fender Guitars.

The Company branched out its operations in various countries including Japan and Korea and Fender guitars are the first choice of renowned musical groups and artists in the western countries.

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