Fender Electric Guitars

Use of Electric Guitars:

In stage concerts of western music, the use of Guitar - a stringed instrument is most essential, without which the beating rhythm of the music will never emanate only by the voice of the singers. In ancient times the guitar was only a man-made stringed instrument accompanying the music and can be heard only a handful of audience in the front seats.

There came the revolutionary electric guitars with the technology of converting the sound of the strings through amplifiers to reach the entire hall or stadium filled with music lovers.

Fender Electric Guitars - their introduction:

Leo Fender who was in the business of electrical amplifiers and systems started to manufacture first the mass production of Fender Electric Guitars, popularly known as Broadcaster (later to be changed as Telecaster) from his Company - Fender Electric Instrument Manufacturing Company - from Fullerton, California, U.S.A.

The designs of these Electric Guitars were in Spanish style and were solid body guitars, contrary to the then prevalent guitars of hollow body. With the reach of Fender's Broadcaster in the musical instruments market, a revolution took place in the usage of electric guitars by prominent and popular musical groups which still continue, decades after today.

Varieties of Fender Electric Guitars:

From the contemporary classical western music to the days of blues, jazz, rock and roll, invariably all the genres of music have been accompanied by Fender Electric Guitars. This trend continues passing generations of audience who adore the various popular troupes for their distinctive styles in rendering musical concerts. Electric Guitars have the following classifications:

  • Solid body
  • Hollow body
  • Electric acoustic
  • One string guitars
  • Four string guitars
  • Seven string guitars
  • Eight string guitars
  • Nine string guitars
  • Twelve string guitars
  • 18 string drone guitars
  • 3rd Bridge guitars.

These are further identified differently by their necks - "C" neck, "V" necks, double necks etc.

Sound and effects of Electric guitars:

The popularity of electric guitars is mainly due to its perfect clarity and magnitude of its sound. While playing the strings, the vibration of the strings made of metal is converted into electric signals which are picked up sensitively and blared through the amplifiers. The tone and the signal characteristics can be modified by effective electrical devices and circuits.

Different models of Fender Electric Guitars:

The most popular models of Fender Electric Guitars are coming under colorful and exquisite designs as follows:

  • Stratocaster
  • Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster
  • Telecaster
  • Jazzmaster
  • Jaguar
  • Mustang and
  • Fender Squier

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