Fender Acoustic Guitar

Why Fendrr Guitars?

Leo Fender is the founder of the company manufacturing Fender guitars in the year 1946 at Fullerton, California, U.S.A. and because of his innovative design of guitars they became very popular in the music troupes of western music of all genres. This popularity is gained over the decades by sheer performance of the stringed instruments and became the first choice by musicians worth their names.

The very first Spanish model of electric guitar came out in mass production in 1948 and was named as Broadcaster and was renamed as Telecaster. This model is attracting thousands of end users continuously even today.

How Acoustic Guitar is different?

Prior to the introduction of electric guitar as a stringed musical instrument on mass production, guitars were made and used and they were all "acoustic" or non-electric guitars only. The electric guitars were the descendants of acoustic guitars only for refining and amplifying the sound made by fondling the steel strings of the guitars and converting them to the amplifier through signals. The costlier versions of acoustic guitars were made by using tone woods of quality for making and the less expensive and mass production of acoustic guitars were by using the laminated sheets of wood. The necks and fret boards are usually made of fine varieties of wood like ebony, mahogany etc. The use of the wood in making the concerned acoustic guitar has a bearing on the sound produced by it, as per common belief.

The steel-string acoustic guitar is made more sturdy and with a larger sound-box, different from the classical guitar because it should withstand a higher string tension when compared to that of the classical guitar. For cost effectiveness, some manufacturers of acoustic guitars have started using plastic or graphite material for the tops, rather than tone woods.

On improvement of technology there is another style of acoustic guitars, namely archtop guitars, either carved out of wood or by using pressed lamination for tops and sides with electronic devices for pick-up of sound. This is largely used by Jazz players.

In U.S.A. there are lot of prominent manufacturers of acoustic guitars with quality and comparatively less expensive pricing.

The tuning of the acoustic guitars is being done differently in various methods, to suit the requirements of the end user, from beginners to the experienced ones. In the place of traditional 6 string acoustic guitars the latest trend is to use 12 string guitars and this is getting popularity by usage of famous musicians.

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