Digital Photography

Digital photography makes use of the digital cameras for taking photographs. You can store the picture in you Digital Camera and view them before taking a print out. The images can be transferred to a PC and photo editing tools used on them for better effect before putting them to print.

Advantages in digital photography

In today's world with everything gone the digital way, digital cameras and digital photography is found to be increasingly popular. They offer users the advantage of being able to take videos and record audio for what they shoot.

You can edit the picture you have taken before printing it. If you feel a particular shot has not gone of well, you can delete it and reshoot the subject a that time itself because you have the option of viewing the picture result in your camera.

Digital cameras cost you less time and money for printing than regular photos.

You can quickly transfer your photos to your PC and store them in your PC for printing later. This means you can remove whatever you have shot from your camera memory and use it again to shoot new pictures. You don't have to print out everything you shoot, just the necessary ones.

If you are an amateur photographer, digital cameras offer the best learning experience as you can shoot and reshoot, experiment with different styles and techniques without spending money to print the film.

The digital photoe you capture has more scope for modifications using photo processing software than traditional print outs, giving you more choice in the kind of photo output you require.

Issues such as red-eye can be removed with just a click of the mouse button, when putting the photo through photo processing software.

If you require to sharpen the image or want to do some other tasks such as straightening the photo, widening or turning it in another direction, it is very easy to do all this with a digital photo, than with a traditional print out.

Tips for selective focus with your digital camera

If you want to take professional digital photos with your digital camera, you need to have the right focus or rather selective focus. Here are a couple of tips on how to go about with selective focus with digital photography:

Aperture size - You should have lens with a wide aperture, preferably something like f/2.8 or f/4.

Telephoto lens - Such lens help you to really zoom in on what you want to photo.

Choosing the correct angle or the photo - When you choose the correct angle, your subject gets maximum attention. However, this requires you to practice and experiment with subject to find out which angles will best suit different subjects.

Out of focus areas - This is a good way of selecting focus your subject you can choose areas which can be out of focus in the picture and which also surround the subject, thereby enhancing your subject.

Taking care of your digital camera

Digital photography is not just about taking beautiful shots or professional looking photos. Much of the work you do with a digital camera is possible only when your camera is well-maintained and is functioning well. Here are a couple of tips on how to take care of your digital camera so that it gives you the picture quality that you expect from it:

Taking care of your camera's lens is very important because you focus on what you want to photography through the camera's lens. So make sure to keep it clean using cleaning equipment specifically made for this and do not touch the lens when you handle the camera.

Extremes in temperature can badly affect your digital camera. Never leave the camera exposed to sunlight or out in the open during freezing cold temperatures as this can really ruin it.

Handle various parts of the camera with care. Areas where you have to be really careful with are the memory stick and the camera panel so watch out for them when you use your camera.

Keep your digital camera away from magnets as they will affect the camera's circuitry.

You can prevent condensation by using a silica gel.

If you are going to not use the digital camera for a long time, better remove the batteries before doing this as batteries can leak corrosively over time.

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