Denver Centre Performing Arts

The Denver centre performing arts in short is known as DCPA and is situated in Denver, Colorado of the United States in 1972. DCPA offers with a platform for new-plays, a prize-winning multimedia production provisions, a state-run teaching school for actors as well as the site where a voice clinic and its related researches take place. DCPA is the organization that has been devoted to merit in the arts.

The four blocks contained by the DCPA has been built over 12 acres that holds 10 performing spaces, which are equipped with 10,000 seats.

The DCPA is known to be the prime tenant of the Denver Performing Arts Complex and is partly hold and conducted by the City and County of Denver's Theatres and Arenas Division. DCPA today, coordinates, supervises and portrays work under a number of entities.

Denver Centre Attractions (DCA)

DCA is the centre for Broadway touring shows that has been originally formed by Robert Garner in 1979. The centre is popular for its notable audience record for the various shows it offers to the crowds who visit this place every year from all across the nation. Shows like the Disney's Lion King, Hello, Dolly that stars Carol Channing and Sunset Boulevard has made the centre popular as one of the most visited places in the United States. After the retirement of the founder, Robert Garner in 1992, Randy Weeks was made the Executive Director of DCA.

The Denver Centre Theatre Company (DCTC)

Founded in 1979, DCTC is marked as the biggest theatre company located in the region. DCTC has actively presented a number of classic and contemporary drama as well as world premieres. The company has been awarded for the Outstanding Regional Theatre by Tony Awards in 1998. DCTC has in their possession 266 of productions, out of which 77 has been world premieres. The company celebrated its silver jubilee in 2003.

The Denver Centre's Education Department

This department concentrates on acting education and offers a 3 year graduate program. Formed in the October of 1984, Denver Centre's Education Department was established when the DCPA and the American National Theatre and Academy united in hopes of launching the National Theatre Conservatory. In 1991, the Denver Centre Theatre Academy was adjoined which serves as a community school for children as well as the adults in a proficient set up.