Cultural Of Book Arts

Once a noted poet W.H. Davies quoted the above lines in his poem "Leisure". Though this was written ages before a hectic, techno life came into existence but his words apply to each and every person in this age and era. Human beings have become mere robots in this tech-savvy world.

With the increasing standard of living and expectations sky rocketing, today's generation has lost touch with art and culture. Technology has taken over human life. Today even if a person wants to read a book, there are options of e-books available on the internet so the era of paperback novels is passé.

Where people are less inclined to purchase paperback novels as they have e-books stored on their laptops and personal computers, the culture of book art is a novel thing for them. Book art is the art of making a book. Right from the process of book-binding to the process of paper making is called book art. It is surprising but there are lots of people involved in this culture.

The most astonishing thing about this book art enthusiasts is that instead of using internet to read from e-books they use this medium to communicate with such book art lovers from all over the world and they get together to promote this culture among other people and make them aware of this art.

With the lovers of book arts getting together there are many clubs forming-small and big to promote this interest and spread it among the public at large. Among such clubs there are also book clubs with language arts. The book art also consists of typography and calligraphy, which is a process of imprinting on the handmade paper.

Now this process of typography and calligraphy requires an extensive amount of knowledge of a language. So in turn you have book clubs with language arts where people of from various language-speaking countries gather and make a book in different languages. This not only means that making a handmade book but it gives an individual a chance to learn a new language.

With the singular aim of spreading this culture far and wide and informing about this art, the book art enthusiasts are coming up with numerous centers for book art. A lover of book art can be part of this centre or community through Internet or even personally by going to the place in person and providing his services and knowledge to this centre or community.

All over the world one can find numerous such centers which display exhibitions and workshops round the year. You can also enroll in one such course and learn the art of book making.

One of the famous club of book art is Minnesota Book art club which is situated in the city of Minneapolis in The United States of America. It is an active centre which hosts a number of workshops for budding learners of this art. It is open for public and they have a program, which suits right from a teen to a person of 65 years.

This center has gradually developed as a separate university and the students who successfully complete the course of book making are awarded degrees recognized by the government.

One of the most important parts of book art is bookbinding. This requires a great effort. Infact, the whole process of book making requires a lot of effort but the finishing touch which is given by book binding is an art in it self. It requires lot of tools and equipment and the correct knowledge is essential.

So now we know a culture which loves books but in altogether a different manner. This culture is passionate about books in a way that is they love the intricate way in which a book is made.

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