Culinary Arts

When we are discussing about culinary arts, our first task is to know the meaning of 'CULINARY ARTS'. Culinary Arts refers to the art related to cooking. A Culinary artist is not responsible for making any painting or doing any performances but the person is responsible for making meals. A Culinary artist is commonly known as a Chef. A Culinary artist can work either for recreation or worked as a professional. Even I too consider myself as a Culinary Artist. As I had completed my Hotel Management and presently working in Hotel Industry.

Though I am not working as a Chef, but I had done my training in Kitchen, and believe that it is one of the difficult tasks for an artist to do. These culinary artists worked in Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food outlets, hospitals, offices, colleges or institutions, etc. Means everywhere the term meal comes. There are lots of schools or colleges that teaches the art of cooking to the generation, they are known as Culinary Arts Schools, as we all know that it is one of the fastest growing aspect in today's world.

Though the concept of culinary art schools started in year 1929, with the establishment of 1st school in U.S., but before these schools there are individual professionals who teaches others how to cook. In 1940's there are lots and lots culinary arts schools opened. And now in every city, there are many professional schools cum Colleges are present who teaches the culinary arts to the students.

In India, National Council Of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (NCHMCT), is a semi Government organization having more than 28 centers all over India, teaches more than 80,000 every year these culinary arts, they are offering diploma and degree courses on culinary arts. Though, I believe there is not an attracting career in India for Culinary Artist, but after taking experience for 2-3 years, they goes to foreign countries, make their career there, as there is a great demand of Indian and Continental Chefs, they are paying good handsome salaries to these Chefs.

After discussing about Culinary arts schools and colleges, and take it as a profession, with how much famous it is; now I want to discuss about Culinary Scholarship. In every culinary arts institution, or culinary arts college, special culinary arts scholarship are offered to the deserving candidates, who are scoring well in the entrance exams. There is few culinary arts scholarship programs offers in the following institutes:

1. American Culinary Federation: - American Culinary Federation offered special culinary scholarship for their students, and professional chefs who are working as well studying in the institute.

2. Institute of Food Technologist: - Institute of Food Technologist are offering scholarships to the best professionals for food and science technology. They are offering IMF Awards for scholarship holders.

3. California Restaurant Association: - They generally offer more than $ 9,00,000 for scholarship of their students, educators, and culinary schools.

4. Women's Chefs and Restaurants: - As per the name it says that they are offering scholarship for the ladies or women's in hospitality sector. This organization was established in 1993, for increasing the strength of women's in culinary arts.

Above are among the world famous institutes offering scholarship to their students, there are lots more who gives this scholarships to their students, for their development and development of culinary arts.

So, these are my views on Culinary arts, though I believe I am not a Culinary Artist, but I had also done Hotel Management from NCHMCT, and studied ten courses inclusive of Culinary Art too, but though there is not much value of this art in India, that's why I had not make culinary art as my career. It is one of the toughest Courses I had ever studied.

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