Culinary Arts - I

Culinary arts refer to the art related to cooking. As an artist he is not a person concern with painting, or any other artistic or designing work, but he is responsible for making meals. Culinary artist is commonly known as Chef. Nowadays there are lots of schools and institutes are running with the objective of teaching the way of cooking by the expert or professional.

Concept of culinary art schools started in year 1929, with the establishment of 1st school in U.S. but these studies are used earlier too, with the help of individual professionals who teaches way of cooking from their home itself. 1940's are the time when there was a revolution in culinary arts, and lots and lots school and colleges opened that time for cooking. Career in this professional has a bright future, as we all know that everyone can't make good food.

A Culinary artist can work either for recreation or worked as a professional. They need a special skill to make the meal tasty. Everywhere now, these schools are running, and even young generation prefer this profession over to Engineering and Medical. Like, if an Indian or Chinese or Japanese Chef who are specialized in their local food, are having a great demand in American, Australian and British Countries, as there are lots of Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Mughlai Restaurants are running there.

talking about the subjects that these courses generally offered are specially Bakery, Food Production (Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian), Traditional Foods, Modern Foods,Regional Foods, etc. In every institution, or college, special scholarship are offered to the deserving candidates, who are scoring well in the entrance exams. There is few scholarship programs offers in the following institutes American Culinary Federation, Institute of Food Technologist, California Restaurant association, etc.

It all depends on the interest of an individual whether he has interest in cooking or not. Like if a student is studying food production, he is excellent in theory but don't know anything about practical, then he will never become a Chef, because you need theoretical as well as practical knowledge both if, you want to become a Culinary artist.

So, these are our views on culinary arts, its value, culinary arts school, its history, its subjects and culinary arts as a profession. And also about Scholarship in these programs.

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