Creative Arts

To know the meaning of creative arts, first we have to know the meaning of art. An Art is defined as a thing or a work done by a person with the intention of his senses or thinking or spirit. This is based on his fantasy, and may or may not be real, depends on the creator on which topic he is doing this.

We can also say that this is a way of expressing your views and thinking by creating a thing or collection of things comes in your mind. Creativity refers to the term that includes your distinct views, your imagination, etc that’s make you different from others, as they are your special quality.

As collectively we can say that creative arts are used for the purpose of explaining or describing multi disciplinary creative expression in the form of drawings, painting, picture, etc. This is one of the important prospect relates to arts because it includes things like cartoon graphics, music, Film, publishing, museum, visual art, etc.

Creative art is categorized under four divisions known as Drama, Applied Arts, Music, and Literature. Purposes of these creative arts are to tell about thehistory, culture and tradition of a country or a religion and help the young generation to know what was the position of their country in Ancient time.

Now, we have to discuss how much these creative arts are familiar in India, and what is the expected future of creative arts, here! As, India is known as the land of culture and heritage from very old time, and still we are maintaining culture in this modern world. This creative art is composition of following things like: -

1. Painting: - Way of describing and expressing our Ancient India or Indian cultures and traditions in a board through drawing are known as Painting. Kerala’s Paining are categorized as one of the famous paintings in world class.

2. Handicraft: - Handicraft refers to showing Indian culture through hand made crafts, In Cannaught Place in Delhi you can find lots of these local handicrafts, and even these are very much familiar with foreign tourists too.

3. Woodwork: - This is the way through which a artist shows his skills by showing Indian culture and tradition with the help of wood, and prizes of these items are very low.

4. Metal work: - This is one of the oldest concepts relating to creative art; it is developed in 2500 BC, and still commonly used. An artist makes statues with the metals like gold, silver, bronze, etc and mostly used for worship purposes and making statues of gods. As people are very religious here.

Delhi’s India Habitat Center is considered as one of the important destination that helps in promoting Indian arts all over the World. As Delhi is the capital of India, and a business place too, hence there are lots of foreigner, and India Habitat Center (IHC) promotes our culture, tradition with the help of these creative arts in the museum and makes it famous all over. In Chandigarh too there is a Government museum and art gallery that tries to promote Indian traditional creative arts.

Above are the just few examples of creative arts that remind us the culture of ancient India, their thinking, their work, etc. as all these are showed with the help of paintings.

In the end, I just want to tell that creative art is very important aspect of art division, and most famous too, above I had tried to express my views on arts and creative arts, its importance, where it is frequently used, how much it is familiar in India. Hope, you all loved my above thinking about creative arts.

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