Creative Arts - I

The scope of creative arts is as broad as the limits of the human mind. From the more conventional forms like painting, music and sculpting, creativity extends to the most bizarre forms of expression like forms made out of bottle caps or even dominos! While artistic and musical talents are often inherited, some like batik, glass etching, theatre, dance and attire designing need professional training and competence. Some individuals may be keen on pursuing a particular creative arts as a hobby course or holiday classes while for others, art forms the crux of their existence. People, who wish to take up creative arts as a profession or a means to earn their living, need to train early in order to prepare themselves for the critical and commercial world of art. Although possessing a talent certainly helps, skills like exposure, publicity and business need to acquired and evolved for assured success. Various creative arts centers have been established all over the world in order to help aspiring and amateur artists to find their place in their chosen artistic field. Most centers focus on music, fine arts, theatre and dance which offer internationally acclaimed professional degrees and diplomas in the selected disciplines. Certification from accredited universities, offer a promising career for artists and also provide them with an international platform to expose them selves. One such renowned creative arts center is at the University of West Virginia. Others like Chesapeake Center for Creative Arts, Randolph County Community Arts Center and Range Creative Art Center hold regular workshops and exhibitions and programs as an opportunity for artists to enhance their talent and display their skills. Some cities also have local home creative arts clubs run by local artists which organize discussion forums, exhibitions, workshops and critiques so that creative aspirants can share their experiences and gauge their standing. A creative arts workshop is usually conducted by an established artist who already has a list of creative and monetary successes. The professionals share new techniques, sales secrets and publicizing tips with the aspirants which in turn gives birth to new art with a new style. The Royal Oak Arts Studio offers workshops on contemporary art forms like pottery painting, mosaics, glass fusing, beading and wheel throwing. Creative Arts Studio at School of Art and Gallery, Texas motivates and inspires people across all ages and walks of life to express themselves through art forms. Students are taught to develop a taste for art, art criticism and an individualistic interpretation of artistic works. The Creative Arts Studio in Woodbury, Connecticut is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), and works towards providing a creativity inspiring atmosphere for children in order to enable them to freely express themselves. This concept has helped many children to develop self-esteem and grow up into more positive and confident individuals. Creative arts is often employed as a therapeutic measure in some cases of depression and addiction as it helps a person to release all the pent-up emotions and connect with the inner spiritual self. Any form of creative arts like dance, painting, drama, sculpting or pottery can be used to enhance self-awareness and promote emotional healing. However, art therapy can only be practiced by a trained and certified professional. Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts is one of the world’s premium art institutions which offer a broad range of art subjects and learning programs for all kinds of people. Owing to its high reputation, this institute caters to thousands of creative arts students every year and provided a much required boost to their artistic career. The emphasis is equally laid on visual arts as well as performing arts and every student is encouraged to come with their own individual means of expression.

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