Crafts Supplies

People who make jewelry have been creating jewelry out of junk materials for years and that trend has now moved into other craft areas. A lot of people enjoy designing their crafts these days because it's a fun way to create something that's beautiful and sometimes personal. Most homemade craft projects are made with craft supplies bought from an art store, but some artists are looking towards utilizing more recycled items to create new art.

Creating a craft project out of junk is usually a good way to reduce the overall cost to make any craft project. Many people are trying to be more "green" these days, so art projects created from recycled materials is going to be eye-catching if you sell your items at a art show. Re-used materials used in new ways is showing up in a lot of different places these days, including in clothing, jewelry, handbags and even in decorative home art.

The different type of supplies that are used in crafting out are:

Buttons and Beads

Decoupage, Paper Mache & Quilling

Doll Parts

Glass Etching, Paint & Mosaic Tiles

Glue & Adhesive

Jigsaw Puzzles

Kids Crafts

Leather craft

Macrame & Basketry


Party Supplies



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