Cooper Union College

The Cooper Union College was established in 1859 and is considered to be one of the oldest and recognised institutions of higher education. Upon the bequest of Peter Cooper, the Cooper Union College holds a very special position in the American history of Education.

Cooper Union College for the Advancement of Science and Art offers excellent academic programs in the fields of art, architecture< and engineering. The college aims to prepare brilliant student to strike a positive impact on the society.

All the undergraduate students are admitted only on merit and it awards full scholarship to everyone who enrols with Cooper Union College. It has an outstanding faculty which is aided by humanistic learning and this is further enhanced by process of design and the augmentation of the urban setting.

Copper Union School of Architecture

Copper Union college offers a five-year Bachelor of Architecture program and is accredited by the NAAB. The Program is structured in such a way so that it brings together the elements of architecture, construction, form, structure and space and generates efficient and strong architecture.

Students are encouraged to perform extensive research and focus on the ideas of architecture that have major impacts on the improvement of the environment and the human conditions.

The department has more than 8,000 square feet of studio space with individual drafting tables and working areas for the students. The studio is used as a classroom, a laboratory and a base to perform operations. It has great classroom facilities that include a seminar room, a lecture hall and plentiful of presentation space.

Copper Union School of Art

The Copper Union School of Art offers a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts which is a four year course. The BFA program offers general visual arts education< as well as a resolute preparation for the prospective designers and artists.

The Copper Union School of Art firmly commits itself to a generalist curriculum that covers each and every fundamental discipline of visual arts.

Copper Union School of Engineering

The Engineering school in the Copper Union College is the largest of all. The School makes sure that the classes and the laboratory enrolments are small enough for the students to receive personal attention.

The Albert Nerken School of Engineering is top-ranked amongst the undergraduate engineering and it offers bachelor of degree programs in mechanical, electrical, civil and chemical engineering< as well as a Bachelor of Science in< Engineering (BSE) program.

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