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Communication Arts is a magazine featuring articles about graphic design, photography, and advertising. For those who are interested in visual communications, it is a right thing to pick. It is one of the oldest and the largest design magazines in the world that brings out the best work in interactive design, graphics, photography, advertising, illustration etc. It also allows you to be in touch with the recent job postings in the related field. The Communication Arts & Skills are the order of the day. It is the perfect way to develop both the ability to communicate effectively as well as becoming a person with ideas and experiences worth communicating. It gives strong foundation not only in print & media but also design, multimedia, animation journalism, corporate media, gaming, broadcasting etc. The scope is wide & long lasting.

The School of Communication Arts is a two-year vocational school located in North Carolina, USA equipped with the best of audio & video theatres offering courses in Media Arts, Audio Production & Design. It comes out with superior quality graduates who are employed in animation, graphic design, broadcasting, digital media, advertising, corporate media and independent music production industries.

Students can undergo a diploma or a post graduate diploma according to their interests and requirements. Focus on research; teaching and world class technology make it the best place to enter for shaping the career in a right way.

The receptiveness of its graduates to the corporate world gives is an added advantage. It provides the knowledge and skills that equip the graduates and the post graduates for exciting careers in the fast-moving world of the creative industries.

The School has a successful history helping it develop international links, and encourages students to take part in exchange programmes. The School keeps on its commitment to create work placement opportunities for students. The programme also provides a Live Project or Accreditation of Work-Based Learning module as part of their structure, with some programmes offering both kinds of opportunities to students during the course of their study.

The High School of Graphics Communications Arts trains students to work in various aspects of the printing trade, including computer graphics and photography. Students get a firsthand experience to work practically like cleaning the drum of an offset printer, printing envelopes, learning to use a light meter in photography etc. The school is equipped with most up-to-date equipment and graphic software.

The Communication Arts program makes students proficient for entry in graphic design, advertising design, desktop publishing, electronic imaging and prepress, on-line publishing, digital photography, and all aspects of the publishing and printing industries, including service bureaus and other related industries.

Students going through such courses make a head start in big companies like DreamWorks, Red Storm Entertainment etc. The possibilities are endless when one has an amazing and creative ability that provides with a wealth of knowledge that can fit any sector in today's work force.

The program gives greater confidence and ability while entering the professional world with its comprehensive curriculum addressing the needs of the corporate world.

It uses a dynamic blend of the four skills needed for effective communications - speaking, listening, writing and reading. It clearly defines and makes the students understand the requirement of all the required skills so as to have a wholesome view of the skill acquired. It equips the person with practical ideas and illustrations showcasing of what is the most essential requirement of being effective.

To sum up, Communication arts gives all that a person requires to enter the field of graphics, design, media and journalism with the best possible schools offering the required skills and keeping the students abreast of the expectation of the industry and help them have a bright start in the professional world. Advertising, Art and Design, Branding, Business, Communications, Marketing, Persuasion, Photography- Name it and you have it. Communication Arts is an asset and should be kept up.

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