Comic Arts

Comic art is a form of visual art involving any of the three components:

  • A single or series of images
  • Images accompanied by text
  • Illustrated text

Basically, comic art is a type of narrative just like a novel, short story or an epic. But, the interdependence of text and images makes it different from other story telling forms.

History of Comic Art:

This form emerged in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s when it was:

  • Chiefly used in a humorous context
  • Was restricted to newspaper and magazine strips.

Today, expression through comic art is used for all forms of subject matter like action, satire, political and even erotica and is no longer meant exclusively for children.

Comic Art Fans:

  • Comic art has billions of fans worldwide
  • In the last century, comic books have earned a place in the list of valuable collector items.
  • Some comic books are published specifically as collector’s edition.
  • A rare comic art collection can have a millions of dollars worth.
  • Obelix and Asterix, Archies, Tin-Tin, Superman, Batman etc are a few examples of universally popular comic books.

Comic Art Communities:

Comic art fans form local and online communities to share their art collections and viewpoints. Comic art community members can:

  • Buy, sell or auction collector items
  • Showcase their own original comic art
  • Get the latest news and updates in the comic art world
  • Connect with like-minded people.

Comic art and Artists:

  • The nuances of comic art are as detailed and fine as any other art form.
  • A comic artist is also referred to as a cartoonist and creates comic sketches by hand or digital methods.
  • With the advent of technology, comic creation has achieved a new dimension as hand-sketching and inking is totally or partially replaced by computer or graphic work.
  • Eminent cartoonists who have given the world some of the most memorable characters and comic books include Mort Walker, Michael Turner, Pete Nash, Dave McKean, Jerry Siegel and Bill Watterson among many others.

Michael Turner:

  • Michael Turner started his career as a comic artist in the 1990’s.
  • Michael Turner won accolades for famous comics like Fathom, WitchBlade, Soulfire and Ekos.
  • Michael Turner carved an individual niche in the profession owing to Michael Turner fine art-work and creation of pretty and desirable women in his comics.
  • Despite Michael Turner battle with cancer and poor health, Michael Turner continues to produce beautiful comic art-work and contributes to various DC Comics and Marvel Comics productions.

Original Comic Art:

  • Just like exclusive designer apparel and “limited editions” have their set of enthusiasts; original art work too, has its takers.
  • Original comic art works by many prominent artists are exhibited in regular or online galleries where they are auctioned or put up for sale.
  • Exclusive and rare pieces are an investment and their price escalates with age.

Bud Plant Comic Art:

Bud’s Art Books is an American Publishing company which publishes a wide range of literary genres. In the genre of comic art, the house publishes:

  • Comic strips
  • Comic books
  • Graphic novels
  • Cartoon Comics and
  • Comic art How-to and illustration books
  • Manga Strips

Batman Comic Art:

  • Of all the fictional action heroes ever conceived, Batman is probably one of the most popular and evergreen
  • Apart from a long series of comic books and comic art, Batman has also been made into movies, cartoons and television series.
  • Owing to its universal appeal, batman comic art is one of the most prized and valuable collector’s item.
  • Batman comic art is available in limited print drawings and as fine artwork.

The Invisible Women:

  • In an age og macho superheroes, the Invisible Women was a refreshing change and also a reflection of feminine power.
  • Conceived by comic artist Stan Lee, Invisible Woman – also called Sue Storm was one of the characters in the adventure comic series “Fantastic Four”.
  • Fantastic Four” is a Marvel Comics production and has a couple of movie versions to its credit too.