Columbia Arts Center

Columbia is the home for diverse cultural activities. It is highly rich in Arts and Amenities and endeavors to give its citizens a quality and stress free life. It is a city of convenience and encourages its citizens in community involvements by offering a long list of amenities. It is a perfect place for raising one's kids where the younger generation will get full growth prospective.

Even the older generation is not neglected and is given freedom and opportunity to unfold their wings and realize their full creative potentialities. They are also pampered with the healing arts where a lot of choices are given to them The Art and Culture Development department offers its people a wide range of services such as District of Columbia Arts Center; Columbia Center for Healing Arts, Maryland; Vancour Columbia Arts Center; Columbia Center for Law and the Arts; Columbia Festival Arts etc.

District Of Columbia Arts Center

The Columbia Arts Center has been established to promote contemporary art and to bring a cultural awareness into its East Dallas neighborhood. It serves its people through diverse local programs, which are of local, national or international importance. It strives to promote an arts rich environment where amateurs as well as masters are given platform to come together and interact with each other, and also to discover and develop their creative potentialities to the brim.

Since its establishment in 1989 DCAC has received rare reviews from international as well as home quarters for their visual and performing arts. All creative people, whether poets or painters, actors or storytellers, sculptors or performing artists have been attracted to the centre like magnets from as near as the corner round the street and as far as right at the end of the world. Right now DCAC is the hotbed of alternative arts activity in Washington. It offers a well researched plan to cater to artist's need in all spheres possible and helps them practice both the craft and the business of art, so that they could be truly individualized.

Columbia Center For Healing Arts

The Columbia Center for the Healing Arts (CCHA) is as the name suggests the center, which provides an individual with information regarding tools and support for the process of healing and transformation. It offers its clients with a whole host of services to pamper them with every manner possible. Its list of services includes Acupuncture, Body Wisdom Private Sessions, Channeling, Ear Candling, Feng Shui Consultations, Herbology, Message Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Process Acupressure, Reiki, and Psychotherapy.

Each individual here is given special treatment since they work at one to one basis with their healers. Their schedules are set individually and nobody works in a team. Thus, in CCHA each patient is special and is given a V.I.P status.

Columbia Center for Law and the Arts

Columbia needs a good number of attorneys and law school graduates to complement the other artistic area. In this respect Columbia Center for Law, Media and the Arts has been established to provide a better understanding of the legal sides of creative works. The center aims at developing instructions at the Law School in subjects such as intellectual property, copyright, and the regulation of electronic media, trademarks, and problems erupting from new communication technologies.

Other than the basic courses special seminars are put up in intellectual property contracts, law and the visual arts, law and the music industry, computer law, law and the theatre, sports law, and international aspects of intellectual property. The center works in collaboration with other wings of University, and provides its scholars an all round opportunity for full growth.

Columbia Festival Art

Another goody in the bag of Columbia is the Columbia Art Festival. Here participants come from far and near to showcase their art. Both novices and mature artists take part in this festival where all sorts of arts are celebrated. It is a highly looked forward event, which adds a dash of spice in the lives of the citizens.

Thus, we could sum up that Columbia is a place that is soaked in culture and art and is an all round winner with its citizens.

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