Coin Collecting

Hobbies played the best part in reducing tension and stress and also help every man to do something in his own way. Coin collection is a kind of hobby which is liked by every age group and it doesn’t require any special skill. Nowadays hobby is not only a time pass but many people take it as a business for a good income.

Earlier the coin collection was known as the hobby of the kings but now it was considered as a popular hobby in all over the world. There are different reasons for different people to collect the coins. Some only do for enjoyment while others do for the benefits achieve by collecting them. Some people collect them to know the history of the coinage.

It will be more helpful in identifying the coins and asses their value when one have a reference book which describes the dates and mintmarks, major varieties, grading guidelines and the prices. Nowadays many reference books are available:

1) Red Book:

This is a reference book containing all the standard information regarding the US coins and it is published annually.

2) Coin collector’s survival manual:

This book contains the coin collection ideas from the experts.

3) Standard catalog for world coins:

This catalog provides the information and the values for 20th century world coins

4) Blue book:

This book provides the information about the cost prices of the coins at which the dealer buys. This book is also published annually.

5) A guide to United States Commemorative coins:

This guide helps in the information of the coins with the photos.

Collection of the coins:

For the storage of the coins a proper care should be required to retain its quality which can be maintained by storing them in albums so that it leaves a good impression on the people who wish to see your collection. Coins can also be stored in the jars or boxes but the main thing which is more important to retain the quality of the coins in humid are is the addition the silica gel and restore in such a place which is fire proof. Coin folders are also considered as the best option.

The best part of the storage of the coins is the album and the envelopes of different sizes. Other ways to store them are the readymade albums which are easily available in the market and the last option is that one can make his own album which is regarded as a very good option because in this he can store his coins according to the subject.

Once the albums are ready one can gift this to a relative or can exchange the knowledge on the websites.

Handling of the coins:

As far as the collection is important the handling of the coins is also extremely important to avoid the possibility of the substances which lead to the spots or the color changes. To reduce this possibility the surgical gloves should be used while handling them.

Cleaning of the coins:

Cleaning of the coins also play an important role. Rubbing a coin even with a soft cloth can also reduce its quality and cause the small scratches which are unseen. The best method to remove the dirt from the coin is to soak the coin in the soapy water or olive oil for few days and then rinse with tap water. The other best method to remove the dirt is called dipping which is generally done by the professionals.

Grading of coin:

Grading of coin is also very important. It depends on the condition of the coin the better the condition is, the higher will be the grading. Basically the grading of the coin depends on the factors like condition, metals which the coin is made up of and the demand of the particular coin.

In fact the coin collection not only provides the knowledge and the fun but also it shows the bright side of an artistic person.

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