Classical Studies

Classical studies include the study of ancient art from ancient Greek and roman culture and the effect of these cultures on the civilizations of that age and also the effect on the present day life of the Greek people. These studies include the study of their social life, economic growth of their culture, their religion, their traditional values and their mythology.

These are very few subjects that we have mentioned but there are much more to study from the ancient Greek culture. Let us throw some light on the cultural studies on the ancient Greek and Rome.

As far as education is considered the Greek education was indifferent to boys and girls. The boys were sent to school and the girls were given education at home that too if they insisted to do so. Women were considered to be a caretaker in ancient Greek; they were no supposed to be good in music and arts. Educated women were a kind of famous persons of their times.

The Greek considered that women do not need to compete with women, but their thinking was wrong, as it is not about competition but to support men in their work. There was a specific group known as the hetaera group in the ancient Greek, who were allowed to be present at special schools where they erudite pleasurable, conversation, and public speaking.

The Greek literature revolved around music. There were two main eras of Greek musical history namely the historical era and the mythological era. The mythological period was the longest periods in the history of Greek. It covered the whole range of civilization and mythology, till the time of Olympiads. There were some real beautiful arts that were associated with the mythological era in the Greek history.

The most popular fairy tales in the Greek history was the building of Thebes and Cadmea by Amphion. Other popular poet of that time was the homer who linked the two periods in to one, the traditional period and the historical period. This was all about the mythological and the most majestic period of Greek history when the classical music studies were on their full flurry and the people took interest in this art. This is why Greece produced some of the most outstanding singing talents to the world and even today Greek singers are applauded all round the world because of their classical studies and their base in music.

Then came the historical period of Greek music and this was the period when music was given an emotional touch in Greek and Rome. People used to relate themselves to the music. One can say that music was an act of worship for the Greek people of that era. It was in this period that music was considered an excellent source of teaching and the music as a subject was launched in many Greek schools.

Music was thus placed as a part of literature and there were special musical courses or say special teachings in this field. Thus music was one of the most well educated languages and one of the most universal languages of that time.

Many of us have heard opera singing and we usually get amazed by the extraordinary talents of Greek and roman people in music specially, but this all had been laid down from there ancient times and today's generation is just eating the fruits of the tree that was planted years ago.

Apart from Greek culture Latin culture also had lots of classical touch in their ancient times. Latin is a language that is spoken by many Romans. There is large number of ancient literature in Rome that is in Latin language and people nowadays are learning Latin for the sake of translation of those classical scriptures. Latin is not taught by conversation like English or any other language, it can only be understood by reading and then translating. Those who know Latin are considered to be majors in classical studies.

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