Cerritos Performing Arts Centre

The Cerritos Performing Arts Centre is the leading performing arts and conference facility in the Southland. They offer a wide range of activities from performances in dance, theatre and music to diverse services for banquets, meetings and other events. The Cerritos Performing Arts Centre is owned and run the City of Cerritos.

The Cerritos Performing Arts Centre also known as the CCPA consists of a yearly season from that commences from August and lasts till May. The season calendar exhibits more than 150 performances from a diverse array of artists. The CCPA has hosted performances of great idols such as Clint Black, Whitney Houston, The Chieftains, the Dance Theatre of Harlem and numerous others.

The CCPA Facilities

The CCPA consists of a multi-purpose theatre that has the proficiency to make six different stage and seating arrangements. The theatre can also be converted from an 1800-seat arena theatre to a 900-seat recital hall. The Sierra Conference Centre has been perfectly designed for the organising of special events or parties. The Mojave Room has adequate space for the arrangement of small receptions or club meetings. All these facilities provided by the CCPA are offered for rental.

The CCPA History and Design

The CCPA has been tactically sited in the basin of Los Angeles. It opened to the world in 1993 and introduced the world's most ground-breaking theatre. Within three years of its opening, the CCPA climbed up to be the icon of the City of Cerritos and was ranked amongst the best theatres all over the nation.

The CCPA has amongst the best team of performers and exhibits top-quality performers in the field of dance, theatre and music. It has a fantastic customer service and it offers an extremely mannered staff and catering services together with personalised ticketing for the audience. The CCPA has a convenient location that attracts audiences all the way from Orange City, Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. These are few of the reasons that make the CCPA one of the most successful Performing Arts Centres.

The theatre is the result of magnificent engineering and architecture. It is a 6 in 1 multi-purpose theatre with a spacious 6000- square foot auditorium. All the components of the auditorium can be re-arrangement to make different configurations and it considered to be one of the most sophisticated theatres that have been designed till date.

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