Broward Center Performing Arts

Performing arts has a special ability other than just entertaining people. It has the magic people's emotion. Be it a dance performance, musical concert or an opera it becomes famous among people for two reasons. The first reason could be that people are able to relate to the story of the play or theme of the dance.

When there exists a connection between the viewer's life and the ongoing stage performance, the event touches the heart of the viewer and instigates him/her to watch the event again and again.

The other reason could be the just opposite. The viewer might find something in the performance that he/she had always wanted in life but for few reasons never had them. In this case the particular performance gives a momentary pleasure to the viewer and leaves him crave for that happiness again and again.

Without the hard work and devotion of performers such mind-blowing performances are not possible yet there is one important factor without which the plays or any events cannot be enjoyed. It is none other than a spacious, acoustically good performing hall. The article briefly describes one of the greatest performing halls that is gifted to the citizens and tourists of Florida.

Location and Interior

Situated at 201 Fifth Avenue Southwest the Broward Center for the Performing Arts stages a variety of performances that include various theatre festivals, musical concerts, operas and dance performances. It is located in the heart of the city Ft. Lauderdale which is a part of Florida. The center incorporates 4 theatres. The biggest among them being Au-Rene accommodating about 2700 seats. It operates to host events like concerts, ballets, musical plays and plays of various other production firms. Smaller than this the Amaturo theatre which gives space for about 595 seats. This theatre stages low budget plays of various production firms.

The next is the center for performing arts situated at the scenic background, at the banks of the New River. This place is well known as the artistic heart of the entire Broward County. It resides at the point of intersection of Commodore Brook Avenue and South West Fifth Avenue.

Other Activities

Apart from these the other entity operated by Broward is Rose and Alfred hall of performing arts that could house about 500 audiences. It is located in the campus of Southern University of Nova, Davie, Florida.

There is also New River Room situated inside the same campus as that of Amaturo. Parker Playhouse is another hall that is worth mentioning.

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