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Beauty and The Beast Lyrics

Lyrical compositions are best showcased in a musical, where free rein is given to songs to lead the plot forward. The enchanting fairy tale The Beauty and the Beast lyrics adapts brilliantly into a musical and is Broadway's sixth largest running production.

Beauty and the Beast lyrics is composed by Alan Menken with lyricist Howard Ashman and Tom Rice, Beauty and the Beast lyrics stirring lyrics bring out perfectly the dreams of the beauty and the despair of the beast.

The music tells the tale of Belle a provincial small town beauty, a vain and selfish prince turned into a beast, Gaston the handsome boor and Maurice the eccentric inventor and Belle's father.

Beauty and the Beast lyrics music begins with the narrator singing to us the background of how a vain prince is turned into a beast by an enchantress and will regain his form only if he learns to love and be loved. The Beast is imprisoned in his castle and years go by. Nearby in a small village the beauty Belle is introduced to us through the lyrical Belle which tells us that Belle is beautiful but odd, always reading and very serious. The beautiful lyrics aptly introduce Belle to us as she is on an errand in the village. As the song ends we meet the handsome boor Gaston and his sidekick Le Fou who accostBelle and insult her father Maurice. Belle hurries home to her father and tells her anguished tale of how everyone thinks she is odd.

The father consoles her with the lyrical composition No Matter What and then leaves for an inventor's fair. As Maurice lost in the woods we hear the No Matter what (reprise) and later to escape wolves Maurice takes shelter in the Beast's castle. The Beast chances upon him and imprisons him in a high tower. Back home Belle is again accosted by Gaston and subjected to his humiliating proposal through the composition me, where he extols his various chauvinistic plans and ideas. Shocked Belle turns him down and we are treated to a Reprise of Belle.

As Maurice's steed arrives alone to their cottage, Belle realizes her father is in danger. She sets forth to search for him and wanders into the castle. The Beast pounces on her, afraid but determined Belle pleads with him to set her father free and she agrees to stay captive in his place. Maurice comes in to the village as Gaston's cronies try to cheer him up through the sycophantic composition Gaston. Maurice asks the villagers to help rescue Belle, but his story of castles and beasts simply invite ridicule as the ravings of a lunatic. But Gaston's evil mind realizes his chance to blackmail Belle to marry him to avoid her father's confinement to an asylum in the Gaston (Reprise).

Back in the castle Belle sings the Home, wondering what a drab and dinghy place is her home now. Mrs. Potts consoles her in the Home (Reprise). She cries her heart out and refuses to dine with the Beast. Heartbroken the Beast pours his sorrow in How Long Must This Go On. Later in the night Belle creeps down in to the kitchen and the enchanted objects put up a cabaret Be Our Guest. Next day as Belle explores the castle she comes upon a dark and dinghy corridor which turns out to be the Beast's quarters. Enraged the Beast orders her to leave.

Terrified Belle escapes on her father's steed only to encounter a pack of hungry wolves. The Beast arrives to save her, is injured in the process and Belle helps him back to the castle and nurses his injuries.( I Can't love Her). Thus begins a new chapter in their relationship. The Beast shows her a library and Belle reads to him. Belle then realizes that the Beast is kind and good which kindles hope in the Beast (Something There). The enchanted objects are happy and dream of being Human Again. Back home Gaston plots with Le Fou and Mr. D'Arque to confine Maurice to the asylum to get Belle to marry him in the Maison des Lunes.

Back at the castle Belle and the Beast enjoy a perfect evening with dinner and dancing to the very happy composition The Beauty and the Beast. When the Beast asks Belle if she is happy, she expresses a desire to see her father and as the magic mirror shows her father lost in the woods she leaves in search of her father. The Beast seeing his one chance of salvation leave (I Can't Love Her) is heartbroken.

Back in the village Belle is reunited with her father, but soon D'Arque arrives to take Maurice to the asylum. Gaston offers to mediate if Belle marries him but Belle refuses. Enraged Gaston locks up Belle and her father and whips up a mob to storm the Beast's castle (Mob Song).

A Battle ensues in which Gaston falls off the ramparts of the castle and the Beast is fatally injured. Finally as Belle arrives she tells the Beast she loves him and sees him being transformed (Duet/ Battle transformation) . The enchanted objects also transform and a happy ending takes place as The Beauty and the Beast, Reprise is played.

Little Mermaid Lyrics

A Disney animated film; The Little Mermaid traces the desires of a mermaid to be part of the world above and beyond the sea. Little Mermaid beautiful lyrics tell the entire story. Little Mermaid music by Alan Menken and Little Mermaid lyrics by Howard Ashman.

Fathoms below tells the tale of the merpeople living below the sea. Daughters of Triton introduces the seven daughters of King Triton, Ariel the youngest is the heroine and the little mermaid.

Part of the Little Mermaid world Lyrics has Ariel expressing a desire to leave the sea and be a part of the world above, to sing and dance and feel the sand on her feet. Under The Sea has Sebastian extolling the beauty of the sea and trying to persuade Ariel to stay where she belongs.

Part of the World (reprieve) -When Ariel sees a beautiful prince, she wants to be a part of his world above and promises herself that Ariel will be part of that world. Poor unfortunate Souls picturised on the witch Ursula who in exchange of Ariel's voice promises to make her capable of the other world. These songs are followed by Les Poissons, Kiss the Girl, and Happy Ending.

Aladdin Lyrics

Aladdin is a animated Disney film, Aladdin music given by Alan Menken, and Aladdin lyrics by Howard Ashman. Aladdins beautiful lyrics include Arabian Nights where the land of the Arabian night tales is introduced to us. One Jump Ahead showcases the lovable imp Aladdin, one step ahead of trouble skirting the edge of law.

One Jump Ahead (Reprieve)

Friend like Me introduces the Genie.

Prince Ali comes to court all decked up with his retinue of servants and animals. A Whole New World- Aladdin offers to show Princess Jasmine a Whole New World from atop his magic carpet.

Lion King Lyrics

Lion King is hugely successful animated film tells the story of a lion cub Simba. Lion King beautiful lyrics include Circle of Life Lyrics, I Just Can't Wait to Be king Lyrics, Be Prepared Lyrics, Hakuna Matata Lyrics, Can You Feel The Love Tonight Lyrics, This Island Lyrics.

Pocahontas Lyrics

Lyrics include The Virginia Company, Steady as the Beating drum, Just around the Riverbend, Listen with Your Heart (Part one), Mine, Mine Mine, Colors of the Wind, Listen with your Heart (Part Two), Savages (Part One), Savages (Part Two), If I Never knew You, and Steady as the Beating Drum.

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