Arts Theater is a combination of two words, Arts and Theater, where arts stands for a thing or a work done by a person with the intention of his senses or thinking or spirit. This is based on his fantasy, and may or may not be real, depends on the creator on which topic he is doing this. We can also say that this is a way of expressing your views and thinking by creating a thing or collection of things comes in your mind.

Theater is defined as the place or branch of the performing arts which are concerned with the showing of stories in the reality form by the combined usage of speech, music, sound, gesture, facial expression, etc.

Some of the very common types of theaters frequently used today are

  • Ballet
  • Opera
  • Mime
  • Pantomime
  • 37 Arts Theater

    One among the famous arts theaters is 37 arts theater it is in 50,000 square feet location, art theatre complex housing a unique combination of commercial and non-profit arts organizations. 37 arts theater is located in Newyork.

    37 arts theater is one of the new and modern theaters that were open in 2005. This theater generally includes the work like music, plays, films, drama, design, visual arts,etc.

    37 Arts Theater has a theater named as The Baryshinikov Arts Center that provides a creative laboratory, a meeting place and also a rehearsal theater for make the artists perform or improve their acting skills, etc.

    Folk Arts Theater

    Another world-class arts theater is Folk Arts Theater. This center showcase is considered as one of the finest one in traditional and cotemporary craft of the Southern Appalachians, another attractive thing of this center is that it is considered as most popular attraction on the Blue Ridge Parkway, and every year about 250,000 visitors come here.

    Civic Arts Theater

    Another great name in the field of Arts Theater is CIVIC ARTS THEATER, thousand Oaks. This is established in 1994, which means it's based on new and modern theater concept.

    It has 2 theatres

  • Fred Kavli Theatre
  • Janet and Ray Scherr Forum Theatre
  • Fred Kavli Theatre: Fred Kavli theatre that is generally used for performing arts. It has approximately 1800 seats for the audience and categorized as one of the biggest theater in City.

    Janet and Ray Scherr Forum Theatre Janet and Ray Scherr Forum Theatre, which is a very small as compare to the Fred Kavli Theater. This has only 400 seats for its audiences. But still having a good name in the theatre market as it is related to Civic Arts Theater.

    Above, we had tried to explain Arts Theater, then few common arts theater, and hope that you all are satisfied as per above discussion.