School of Arts Institute of Chicago

School of Arts Institute of Chicago (SAIC) is a private college that specialises in visual and to related arts. It has been established in 1866 and is located in Chicago, Illinois of the United States. Currently SAIC consists of 5 buildings in the vicinity of the city and is collaborated with the Art Institute of Chicago.

World Recognition

SAIC is one of the prestigious institutes for attaining degrees on fine arts. The institute has been nominated as one of the best foundation for pursuing on fine arts in the United States. Infact, SAIC has been compared with the other two recognized institutes such as RISD and Yale by the US News and World Report.

In its list of recognitions, SAIC has been known to have taken the 1st position for photography, 2nd place for painting and 3rd place for visual communication as well as sculpture.

SAIC Alumni

Since its formation, SAIC has been known to be the institute for countless graduates every year and some of them are known to be the famous names of both the recent times as well as the history.

Some well known alumni from SAIC include Walt Disney, the founder of the Disney World, Hugh Hefner who is the founder of the popular Playboy magazine, Leah Meyer Hoff who is known as a filmmaker, Stieg Hedlund who is the creator of the popular games like Diablo and Star Craft, Her block who is Pulitzer Prize winner and a countless of other notable graduates.

SAIC Programs

SAIC offers a wide number of options from a range of challenging categories of subjects to choose from. SAIC is divided into several departments under which each field of study is attained. Fashion Design, Fiber and material studies, Film video and news media, Art Education, Art therapy, Ceramics, Liberal arts, Photography, Painting and drawing, Performance are some of the programs that are offered by the institute.

Both the undergraduate and Graduate level offers these programs of studies at SAIC. Additionally, degrees such as Post-Baccalaureate, Post-Baccalaureate certificate and Graduate Certificate in Art history, Theory and Criticism are also obtainable from SAIC.