Arts on Humanities

First we have to know what arts stand for! This is a human activity which is mixture of culture and imagination about an object or collection of object whether it is real or fantasy in nature. Similarly humanities refer to those techniques which we generally used to study some action, or any activity, may or may relate to arts. Collectively arts on humanities show that art is just a part of humanities, and humanities a broader term. Now, after meaning I want to tell you how much popular it is!

Today, Channels like Discovery, NGC, etc make this popular all over the world, as these are international branded channels, and available almost everywhere all over the world. And another good thing is that these channels are available in regional language too. So, people from all community can enjoy this. Apart from this promotional channels, there are great role of media too, reporters, journalist visit the ancient places and search for the culture, etc there and they show this news in their news channels, news papers, magazines, etc.

Even though these TV channels earning good money too by searching the ancient and old things or the art about any civilization, and people are too interested in knowing about the old civilizations. Our India too has many such places and scientist and researchers are come here with the project of finding these hidden things. Time to time their any further discoveries they will show through media news channels, or newspapers. They visit local museums too see the discovered and ancient things or objects and then go to the places from where it comes and try to find more about these objects, their histories, etc.

For example if they find any coins of ancient time, then they visit to the played where it is been founded try to find some more thing, so that they can know about the culture of the place in ancient time. Though they already discovered a lot unidentified things, but still there objective is to discover more and more and with the help of media show it to entire world.

We can even say that arts and entertainment are very much related to each other, and a world class entertainment specially known for showing the relation between the art and entertainment it's non other than 3 Arts Entertainment. This is famous all over the world and it shows that how a art or a culture or a fantasy performance is related to the term entertainment or what steps humanities played in the development of these arts.

Arts and entertainment channel motivates the generation to know more!

Entertainment, media, TV Channels, etc makes this issue popular, and force the generation to think about this, What was our past, what's culture, how we people are living, what's the standard of living, and makes special investigation teams to search about these unidentified question answers.

So, above are the role and steps which the media plays in making our ancient arts or culture famous nowadays, even government too made a step towards the progress of arts, that it includes it in the school subject, so that the young generation can learn more and more about our Ancient India, their cultures, their standard of living. And what the role played by humanities in promoting arts with the help of research and studies. Hope you all are satisfied in my above views and you too think so that art is an important aspect in today's world too, and we don't have to forget the art or culture of our society, our country.

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