Arts on Humanities - I

Art is a part of humanities, and humanities a broader term. Where arts refer to the human activity, which mixture of culture and imagination about an object or collection is of object, whether it is real or fantasy in nature. And humanities are defined as those techniques that we people generally used to study some action, or any activity, may or may not related to arts.

Today there are lots of Adventurous Channels like Discovery, NGC, Animal Planet, etc which make Arts on humanities activity popular all over the world, as these are international branded channels, and available almost everywhere all over the world. And another plus point is that these channels are available in regional language too.

If we are speaking about arts and humanities, then I want to discuss a famous topic known as arts and humanities data service (AHDS). It is defined as a process of collecting, preserving and promoting electronic resources in arts and humanities. This refers to a UK funded organization that is made for the purpose of making pilot database recording information on current & recent Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based research in arts and humanities across UK. It was started from 1995 for its first 10-year plan that was ended in 2005.

Apart from this there is another topic we have to discuss are arts and humanities as Literature, first we have to know what Literature is! It refers to the collection of text or words of art in order to make a fiction or non-fiction, drama or poetry. So that already tell us it is a combine writing of the studies like studies of the arts as well as humanities both like religion studies, performing,visual, fine or culture, or analytic or critical studies, etc. These literatures specially includes the history topics, which are now frequently studied by the media, or the scientist or by Discovery channels for their projects, and it too helps them in guidance and finding ancient places, temples, cities, culture, etc.

We can even say that arts and entertainment are very much related to each other, and a world class entertainment specially known for showing the relation between the art and entertainment it's non other than 3 Arts Entertainment. This is famous all over the world and it shows that how a art or a culture or a fantasy performance is related to the term entertainment or what steps humanities played in the development of these arts.

So, above we had defined what is art, what is humanity, how these two are related to each other, what role does arts plays in promoting humanities activities. And finally the relation of literature in arts and humanities.
Hope you all are satisfied as per the above discussion.

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