Arts Entertainment

Arts and Entertainment are very much related to each other. As we all know that arts refers to an object or collection of object that created few emotions and ideas. It may be fiction and fantasy or real in nature. And the entertainment here stand for giving this art concept a movement towards popularity, means it may use TV, Media, newspaper, magazine etc kind of things to promote the concept of arts everywhere

It is a good source of Income, as people always want to know about the arts and ancient cultures of their countries or the other one. You can considered this as a social concept too as it is spreading the knowledge of arts and cultures all over the world.

Now after this introduction we have to discuss arts and entertainment TV series, Media, and in magazines in details. Starting up with the TV Channels like there are few TV channels such as Discovery, National Geographic Channel, as per the name they are giving all the information about the places where their team personally visits the places and tell us about the art and culture of the places, its popularity, etc. This helps us in improving general knowledge too. Now these T.V. Channels are available at Regional languages too, that's another reason why this mode is one of the famous sources which promotes the arts concept.

Another source is media or News reporters, etc they too often visits these places for knowing the arts of the places and also shows the handicrafts arts work, play coverage, etc for telling us the difference between ancient and modern times.

Similarly lots of documentary movies are made with the purpose of telling us about the art concept, though these are not regularly showed on TV, but it is covered by TV, or news channels to make its popularity and to tell what all it is about! Similarly, the newspapers and magazines too use their teams to know about the arts, paintings, its nature whether fiction or reality, they publish this kind of arts in their magazines and trying to tell us how old it is, what's the concept behind it, and how much is it popular, and based on any ancient topic or just imaginary thing.

Hope you, all are satisfied as per the above topics which we Had discussed like Arts as Entrainment meaning, What role does TV Channels, Magazines and Media plays in its promotion prospect.