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The art of self defense is a very important skill in a person's life especially when he or his loved ones are subjected to the danger of an attack. self defense can come really handy when you are faced with situations where your life depends on it. If you are ever attacked by someone, the attack might be so violent and rapid that you might need very sharp reflexes to counter it.

With the right training and the right self defense skills, your response to any attack will come naturally and you will be able to protect yourself.

Arts defense martial school self offers self defense courses ranging from kung fu arts, fighting arts, martial boxing, martial combat and many more. These self defense trainings can help you be prepared all the time no matter how dire the situation gets.

What is Self Defense?

Self defense will make you discover your natural instincts to defend yourself. self defense will help you discover the tactics of making use of your environment as a mean of escape from danger and provide you with weapons during an emergency situation. It will also make you learn the special body tactics that help in distracting the enemy during a fight. Self defense enables you to form a natural defense against your attacker to throw them off-guard during an unpleasant situation. Basic strikes, blocks, kicks from a range of close, middle and long distances are all part of self defense.

Long Range Self Defense

Longer ranges are the safest for a person to defend oneself from the attacker. Long range self dense include tactics such as strikes, blocks and kicks and learners from every age group can easily be trained with these self defense methods. The important part of the body that helps to perform the long range self defense includes the feet, fists and arms.

Mid Range Self Defense

The mid range distance from the attacker can be very unsafe if you are unaware of the Mid Range Self defense. The mid range self defense allows you to perform tactics with the help of your elbows, knees and natural weapons in order to encounter the attackers.

Close Range Self Defense

Close range self defense is the most important tactic a person should acquire in order to defend him from an undesirable situation. For example, if the attacker approaches you with a knife or tries to grab you from behind, close range self defense methods will come useful to tackle the situation.

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