Arts And Crafts Movement - I

Arts and Crafts Movement is considered as the biggest movement or revolution ever happened in the history of crafts and arts. This movement was taken place in the late 19th Century and the early 20th Century. Arts and crafts movement increased the trade of arts and crafts a lot and also it helps in make Arts and Crafts popular all over the world. Main role of this movement is that it starts a revolution of arts and crafts and the local market trade becomes international after its popularity.

Arts and Crafts is just the brief introduction of Arts and Crafts Movement, now we have to discuss it in detailed. This movement was taken place in British and American countries. The time between 1880-1910, this movement was at its best. This was a social movement and the purpose of this movement is to challenge the taste of Victorian Era. Especially in American countries these movements are remembered as denote of interior designs, architectural activity, and decorative arts.

Arts and Crafts movement was completely neither industrialist nor modern, but it is a combine link between the two. There is a name which comes in our mind when we are speaking about Arts and Crafts Movement, it Is William Morris. William Morris is best known for the British arts and crafts movement, though apart from this he has a famous name as artist, writer, and socialist.

Edwin Lutyens, is also among the persons who believed that this work provide a source of joy, and enjoyment to the artist. He was a famous British Architect being famous for using imaginary traditional style in his architectural work. These two plays a major role in the arts and crafts movement. Arts and crafts furniture are also popular nowadays in home thanks to this arts and crafts movement.

We people generally uses the furniture's like oak wood and cherry furniture's and few famous are sofa set, beds, table, old-fashioned wall clock, and various designs on these items. Apart from furniture there are few other utensils too we used of arts and crafts made like designer kitchen utensils, tableware's, etc. Like furniture's, there are few fabulous arts and crafts design too popular nowadays.

There are lots of ancient designs we people generally uses today for the purpose of showpiece. These mainly include the designs of Dragon, woodpecker, Cinderella as Queen, Strawberry thief chintz, etc.

The above mentioned designs are also used for the decoration purpose. Decorating home products, even one can't need a professional architect for this, we can do it ourself in free time, it's a good mode of time pass too. Arts and crafts designs are frequently used in tables, chairs, mirrors, clocks, etc.

The main benefit that this arts and crafts movement does, is that it gives the employment to craftsman, as before this movement there is not much money in this profession, as it was in local markets only, but after this, it becomes International and the salary scare increases a lot.

People prefer this employment as compare to any other, as it is a good income generated profession. Even the future of a craftsman is also safe as it is expected that, there would be a great demand of these craftsman in coming time.

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