Arts And Crafts - I

Arts and Crafts are very much related to each other, as arts is a combination of three things fine arts, decorative arts and crafts. As a part of arts, crafts are defined as a trade art where an artist uses his skills to make an object and thing. He needs special skills for doing this. The main purpose of doing this is to earn money as he sold his items. This is also refer to a family business, as there are lots of families involved in this joint business, and don't need much capital to start this

Apart from income source, people can do this as a hobby too in their free time, but it is a time consuming process. After discussing individually arts and crafts, by combining these we would say that it is an activity cum hobbies related to the objects and things made by hands.These are of two types, the first is the most common one known as handicrafts, and other is rest. As per the name handicrafts is described as the hand made arts, with the combination of tradition as well as modern techniques. Now these are very popular, as there is everything done by machines, but this is the thing made by hands and has a good price value in market too, as it looks originality. This arts and craft become popular in the late 19th Century when there was a social revolution named Arts and Crafts Movement. These crafts products creative in nature as the design and art drawn on this is completely based of artist thinking or fiction.

An artist needs a combination of specialized tools or facilities and highly technical knowledge to make these objects. These crafts are of many types like some involves textile arts, For Example: - Shoe making, T-Shirt art, Sewing, cross-stitch, Banner making, Canvas work, Patchwork, etc. Then there are woodcrafts like metalworking, wood burning, jewelry, chip carving, pottery, etc. Paper crafts include: - Stamping, card making, marbling, book binding, scrap booking, etc. And then there are few miscellaneous crafts like dolling making, egg decorating, stained glass, etching, toy making etc. If we are discussing about Crafts and arts, then the two names that strike in our mind is William Morris and Edwin Lutyens. William Morris is best known for the British arts and crafts movement,though apart from this he has a famous name as artist, writer, and socialist. Edwin Lutyens, is also among the persons who believed that this work provide a source of joy, and enjoyment to the artist. He was a famous British Architect being famous for using imaginary traditional style in his architectural work.

These arts and crafts plays very important as a home furniture aspect, as we people use these furniture's commonly, and it's a good source of showpiece too. These may basically include oak wood and cherry furniture's and few famous are sofa set, beds, table, old-fashioned wall clock, and various designs on these items. It also includes designer kitchen utensils and then tableware's. All these items are must in home and hence having a good sale in the market. Though their prices are also reasonable.

In the above, I had tried to explain the role of arts and crafts in ancient time and today's world, how much it is valuable, what are the basic crafts things that we used in our life, and about the home furniture of arts and crafts. Hope you too are agreeing with the above lines and think same as me.

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