Arts and Culture

Arts and culture are related to each other, where arts refer to the division of cultures composed of many disciplines and principals. And an art is a combination of fine arts, language arts, performing arts and crafts. Where culture refers to the system of combination of value, thinking, beliefs, religion, behaviors that the people used in the society so that to cope with one another, and also from a generation to other.

Combining these two we can say about arts and cultures are mixing up of the thinking and expression of a person, or a group of society about what they think, and what they believe? In this topic, we have to discuss about Artifacts. These are objects and things related to human culture. There is a world-class famous center of arts and culture.

This is a combination of six arts centers situated in province of Newfoundland and Labrador that is operated by the provincial government's Department of Tourism, Culture and Recreation. If we are discussing the arts and culture topic, then we have to discuss one of the most ancient country's culture that is none other than Egypt, it has almost five thousand years old culture. Here the culture starts up with Christianity then Arab culture and at last Islamic culture.

Though the introduction of culture starts here when some Europeans comes here 5000 years back and start their culture here, but from time to time these cultutures changed accordingly. Another country who is famous for its arts and culture from ancient times is India.

It is inclusive of things like paintings, temples, music, dance etc. as India is a religious country and every religion has its value here. So that's why, there are so much temples, Gurudwara, Masjid, Church, etc, and every religion has its own culture, arts music, dances, etc. which clearly shows that India is always been a king of arts and culture it consist of Hindus Empire, then Sikh Gurus, then Mughal empire , so a complete country of arts and culture.

After discussing Indian and Egypt culture we have to discuss few other worlds famous like Greece and Philippines. Culture started thousand years ago in Greece with the beginning of the Mycenaean and Minoan Civilizations here, after this the influence of Roman Empire comes here then Ottoman Empire, etc. In 1821 in War of Greek Independence, a time when Greece went through a period of artistic and cultural revival.

Even Greek has some mixed culture of Spain, Portugal and Europe. Apart from these countries, Greek culture has also the influence of Japan and Buddhism Culture too. Due to influence of so many cultures we should say that the ancient Temples of Greece are the most and beautiful one.

Among all the Southern East Asian countries, Philippines is the most famous country for their ancient arts and cultures. It has combination of four cultures inclusive of Asian, Mexican, America, and European, so you can think that if it's a combination of four major culture it is always been highlighted for its ancient cultures.

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