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Art criticism Evaluate Visual Art

Art criticism is a way of evaluating or discussing visual art. The work of an art critic is to pass judgment on art in terms of its theory of beauty and achieve a rational basis of appreciating art. All through Art criticism history, rich clients have been employing art critics but it was in the 19th century when art criticism had been defined in formal methods and started to develop as a more widespread profession.

Art criticism has existed since the time art came into existence. Art criticism can be classified as a genre where a person makes systematic studies of the art carried out by sincere students and scholars of art as well as art theory.

Classification of Art Criticism

Art criticism has been classified into different disciplines as a result of the different artistic movements involved with art and each of them has separate principles behind their judgments. One of the commonest of the divisions among the different fields lies between the evaluation, the historical criticism and the contemporary art criticism of the art performed by artists who are still alive.

Art critics can guide the viewers to get a clear perception, interpretation and judgments of artworks. The art critics together with the historians have a solid influence and interest in the construction of the meanings that the artworks have. Most of the art critics try to concentrate more on contemporary art from their own societies whereas the art historians are more interested to scrutinize the works that have been done way before they had lived.

Judgment of Art Criticism

In order to make a complete study of arts, an art critic has to take into consideration certain things, for example, the description of the art, the subject, lessons or its motive, medium and the form of the art. All these things account for the description of the art. For proper interpretation of the art, an art critic has to add an interpretive statement as well as valid evidence that verify the interpretation. The toughest part for the critic is when it comes to judgment. The first thing that is done before making judgment is that the art is put into an appropriate criteria followed by a valid evidence to relate to it. Finally, a judgment is based upon the determination of the criteria and the evidence.

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