Art Centre College of Design

The Art Centre College of Design is a private college and is situated in Pasadena California. It is considered to be one of the top graphic and industrial design colleges all over the world. Art Centre College of Design is also known as the Art Centre and it is specially known for its Automobile Design Program.

Arts centre college of design provides classes, courses in the college for graphic design to get degree under graphoc, photograaphy, visual arts design

Art Centre College of Design is renowned for other programs as well such as graphic design, photography, illustration, fine art and film programs. It has two campuses both of which are situated in Pasadena.

The Art Centre has been accredited by the Western Association of Schools and colleges for degree and has close connections with the United States. The undergraduates in the art centre can earn a four-year BFA degree in 2.7 years finishing eight terms.

Majority of the students drop a term for independent studies or proceeds to formal internships extending their course to a little over three years. The fast paced educational environment originates from the school's trade school roots. The faculty and the administration try to make the environment like the real world where there are no such things as summer vacations.

The Art Centre Campuses

Hillside Campus

Out of the two campuses, the Hillside Campus was designed by the reputed modernist architect Craig Ellwood. Art Centre College of Design features a trademark "bridge building" where an arroyo and a roadway extends on about 175 acres of wood on the hills above Pasadena.

The Campus was opened in 1976 and the building was extended to the south wing. The Hillside Campus is also popularly known as "The Spaceship" or the "Minimum Security Prison".

South Campus

The South Campus was opened in 2004 in the site of a previously built air-testing compound during the World War II. The graduate arts program and the studios are situated here as well as a print shop, a letterpress studio and an assortment of public programs which include an art centre for kids, a design-based learning lab.

Art Centre College of Design also offers a distinct 16,000 square foot exhibition space which is called the Wind Tunnel. The building has won an award and was the first one to receive the LEED rating in Pasadena.

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