2015 Anime Convention in Sandusky

2015 Sukoshi Con: Pokécon

January 9-11, 2015
Crowne Plaza Airport Expo Center
Louisville, KY

Advance Rates:

$20 through Mar 31; $25 through Apr 31; $30 through May 31; $35 through Jun 31
At-Door Rates:
$45 weekend; $35 Fri; $25 Sat; $10 Sun


• Kyle Hebert (Voice Actor)
• Vic Mignogna (Voice Actor)
• PikaFreakRachel (Pikabug Owner)
• DJ Prime EffecT (Disc Jockey)
• Shadow Clone (Musician)
• Uzuhi (Band)
• Tom Wayland (ADR Director, TripWire Productions)
• Stuart Zagnit (Voice Actor)

2012 Anime Convention Sandusky

Anime Convention Sandusky Name: Colossalcon 
Anime Convention Sandusky Date: June 7-10, 2012
Anime Convention Sandusky Location: Kalahari Resort and Convention Center
Sandusky, OH
Anime Convention Sandusky Programming
and Events:
Video Programming:
Anime Screening(s)
AMV Contest
Panel Programming:
Guest Panels
Fan Panels
Costume Events:
Hall Cosplay
Non-competitive Cosplay Event
Masquerade / Cosplay Competition
Art Programming:
Artists' Alley
Music Programming:
Game Programming:
Video Gaming
Collectable Card Games
Other Events:
Autographs (free)
Dealers' Room
Game Shows
Anime Convention Sandusky Guests: Todd Haberkorn (Voice Actor, Out of the Office Productions)
Cherami Leigh (Voice Actress)
Vic Mignogna (Voice Actor)
Lisa Ortiz (Voice Actress)
Mr. Raptor (Entertainer)
J. Michael Tatum (Voice Actor / ADR Director)