Anime Convention Corpus Christi

Anime Convention Corpus 2011
Anime Convention Corpus Christi Name: Realms Con 
Anime Convention Corpus Christi Date: October 7-9, 2011
Anime Convention Corpus Christi Location: AmericanBank Center
Corpus Christi, TX
Anime Convention Corpus Christi Advance Rates: $35 through Sep 13
Anime Convention Corpus Christi At-Door Rates: $40 weekend; $20 Fri; $20 Sat; $10 Sun
Anime Convention Corpus Christi Programming
and Events:
Video Programming:
Anime Screening(s)
AMV Contest
Panel Programming:
Guest Panels
Fan Panels
Costume Events:
Hall Cosplay
Hall Cosplay Contest
Masquerade / Cosplay Competition
Art Programming:
Artists' Alley
Music Programming:
Game Programming:
Video Gaming
Collectable Card Games
Live Action Role Playing
Role Playing Games
Tabletop Games
Other Events:
Autographs (free)
Dealers' Room
Game Shows
Anime Convention Corpus Christi Guests: Abney Park (Band)
Airship Isabella (Steampunk Costumers)
Sarah Bloom (Costumer, Concept Galaxy)
Stephanie Celeste (Artist, Concept Galaxy)
C.J. Collins (Cosplayer, Concept Galaxy)
Tom Felton (Actor)
Joe Hernandez (Workshop Supervisor, Penny Dreadful Productions)
Samantha Inoue-Harte (Voice Actress / Animator)
Jonathan Joss (Voice Actor)
George Manley (Voice Actor, ADV Films, Chakrasound, Ham on Rye VR Theatre)
James O'Barr (Writer / Artist)
Benjamin Pearce (Cosplayer, Bonzai Anime)
Meredith Placko (Costume Designer / Actress / Reporter)
The Slants (Band)
Chuck Stroschein (Cosplayer / Dance Choreographer)
Mia Ward (Cosplayer, Concept Galaxy)