History of Much Music Video Awards 2009

As the name itself says, these are the awards presented annually by Canadian MuchMusic Video Channel to honor the year’s best music videos. These awards are better known as MMVA.  Let me tell you something about MuchMusic, this is a TV Channel which is devoted to Music Videos. MuchMusic Channel went on air on 31 August 1984. Let’s start with the history of these awards; MuchMusic Video Awards was first awarded in year 1990 for the performance of artists during year 1989.

Every year these awards are given to artists on their previous year performances, and always venue remains same that is Toronto, Ontario, MuchMusic World Headquarters. These awards are one of the most popular Awards of Canada, even you can judge the popularity and every year million of viewers visit the website to vote the Public Choice Award. Main Categories of MMVAs are Best Video, Best Director, Best Post Production, Best Pop Video, Best Cinematography, Best International Artist Video, Best International Group Video, Much Vibe Best Rap Video, Video Fact Award, New artist Award, Much Loud Best Rock Video, Best International Video by a Canadian, People Choice- Favorite Canadian Video and People Choice- Favorite International Video. ‘Our Lady Peace’ band group is all time favorite and have record of most number of Awards (10) in MuchMusic Video Awards.

These awards are considered as one of the modern awards of music industry; hence the some of the presenters and performers of these awards are not from music industry. These awards ceremony is not held in Conventional Theaters but instead as a large street party incorporating the MuchMusic World Headquarters. After discussing the above things like History, Major Categories and Popularity of these awards, I want to discuss our next step is to discuss about the 2009 MuchMusic Video Awards. These awards were held in Toronto, Ontario at MuchMusic headquarter on 21 June 2009.  

These awards were co-hosted by Jonas Bothers, an American Pop Rock Boys Band. Nickelback, who was nominated for 5 awards, had won 3 awards in this ceremony. In these Awards, there were performances by Lady Gaga, Billy Talent, Black Eyed peas, Kelly Clarkson, Jonas Brothers and others. Four of the nominees had been already chosen by MuchMusic and one nominee is selected through Wild Card Entry which depends from the viewers votes on MuchMusic Website. Hence, there is no chance of any kind of bias in these awards, as the viewers have the chance to select the nominee via their voting in MuchMusic Website.

Above, we have tried to discuss MuchMusic Video Awards, with the help of MuchMusic Channel, Main Categories, History, Popularity of these awards, and 2009 MuchMusic Video Awards ceremony. Hope the above discussion is useful for you in understanding these awards better.