CCMA Awards 2009

To discuss these awards, we have to start with Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA). Earlier it was named as Academy of Country Music Entertainment, and its name was changed in year 1987. This Association was founded in year 1976. The purpose of making this Association was to organize, promote and develop a Canadian Country Music Industry.

In other words, we may also say that this is a federally chartered non profit professional trade organization with the purpose of protecting the heritage of Canadian Music Industry domestically and internationally. CCMA Awards are known as the Canadian Music Industry awards, which are a two-hour, live TV awards broadcast celebrate the best and brightest of Canada Country music scene. Canadian Country Music Association Awards were first held in year 1982.

These awards are given to honor the Canadian Music artists and to develop the music Industry in Canada region. These awards were first telecasted on Television in year 1987 when CCMA makes a broadcasted partnership with CTV Television. These awards were telecasted on CTV Television until 1996, when the partnership between CCMA and CTV comes to an end.  After ending up the partnership with CTV, CCMA makes a broadcasted partnership with CBC Television from year 1997- 2005. Year 2005 was considered as the golden time for CCMA Awards, as this was the time when CCMA Awards were first broadcasted on U.S Network GAC (Great American Country) and were also broadcasted on Australia Network with help of CMC (Country Music Channel).

CCMA Awards are considered as a unique and best way of celebration of the music and the artists that represents the Canadian culture. Major categories of CCMA Awards are Single of the year, Album of the year, Female Artist of the year, Male Artist of the year, Rising Star Award, Songwriter of the year, Fan’s Choice Award, Record Company of the year, CMT Video of the year, Website of the year, etc.

In 2009, CCMA Awards was held in GM Place at Vancouver on 13 September 2009. Winner of the night was Johnny Reid who won 2 major awards in categories of Male Artist of the year and Fan’s Choice Award, apart from these awards his song ‘Dance with me’ won 3 awards in categories of Album of the year, Top Selling Canadian Album and CMT Video of the year. Best Female artist of the year was won by Crystal Shwanda. Like last year, Doc Walker again won the award of ‘Group or Duo of the year’.

Above, we have tried to discuss CCMA Awards with the help of its history and agreements on broadcasting, Canadian Country Music Association, major categories and finally this year CCMA Awards and their winner, hope the above discussion is helpful for you people.