Billboard Music Awards 2009

The name itself says the Billboard Music awards are sponsored by Billboard Magazine. Let’s start up with Billboard Magazine; it refers to a magazine which is devoted to Music. This is an American magazine, and has their importance in International Market. This magazine is considered as one of the most unbiased and relevant source of music industry. Now move on to Billboard Music Awards, these awards have their popularity as Billboard magazine name is there in their sponsors. These awards were started in year 1990 at Santa Monica. These awards are ranked among top 3 Music Award in United States. These awards are given for the popularity of the artist which based on Billboards year end music charts. Billboard Music Awards were telecasted on FOX Network, though contractual expiration will result in cancellation of 2007 Award ceremony. Every year, Billboard Music Awards held in December until they went dormant in 2007.

Late Michael Jackson has won most number of Billboard Music Awards (40), followed by Janet Jackson (33 Awards) and Mariah Carey (28 Awards). If we are discussing about Billboard Music Awards, then we have to discuss another name, Mariah Carey, as she is named as the Artist of the Decade in year 1999.

Categories which rewarded under Billboard Music Awards are

  • Artist of the year
  • Male Artist of the year
  • Female artist of the year
  • Rap artist
  • R&B Artist
  • Album of the year
  • New Group Artist
  • New Male Artist
  • New Female Artist
  • Country Artist
  • R&B Producer
  • Hot 100 Male Artist
  • Hot 100 Female Artist
  • Hot 100 Producer
  • Hot Songwriter
  • Hot 100 Single of the year
  • R&B Songwriter
  • Country Album
  • Duo/Group Artist of the year
  • Duo/Group Album of the year
  • New R&R Artist
  • New Male R&R Artist
  • Country Album Artist
  •  Modern Rock Artist
  • Modern Track Artist
  • Independent Album
  • Independent Album Artist
  • Bestselling Single
  • Digital Track
  • Soundtrack Single
  • Century Award
  • Concert Venue Award
  • R&B/Hip Hop Group
  • Mainstream Top 40 Track
  • No.1 Classical Crossover Artist
  • No.1 Classical Crossover Album
  • Touring Venue Award
  • Hot 100 Airplay Single of the year and No.1 Rhythmic Top 40 Title.

If we speaks about venue, then MGM Grand Garden Arena is one of the favorite spot for Billboard Music Awards, as the ceremony takes place here from 1997-2006 (a full decade), though the Billboard Music Awards ceremony was first started in 1991 at Santa Monica, and continues in 1992. In 1992-1994 the Awards takes placed in Los Angeles, venue again changes in year 1995 from Los Angeles to New York, and in year 1996 venue changes from New York to Las Vegas. In year 2007 and 2008; the event got cancelled as there were no sponsors available for the Awards. Hence, for the last couple of years winners of the Billboard Music Awards are announced in press and Billboard Magazine year end issues. Last Billboard Music Awards took placed in Year 2006 at MGM Grand Garden Arena.