Billboard Hip-Hop Awards History

Billboard Hip Hop Awards are sponsored by Billboard Magazine. Let’s start up with Billboard Magazine; it refers to a magazine which is devoted to Music. This is an American magazine, and has their importance in International Market.

This magazine is considered as one of the most unbiased and relevant source of music industry. The purpose behind Billboard Hip Hop Awards is not only to honor the Hip Hop artist, but also to motivate and enhance the skills of artist for future point of view. Billboard Hip Hop awards brings together the music professional that helps to create, produce, promote and distribute the hottest genre on the charts.

 From year 1961- 2005, this magazine was completely devoted to music industry. Though in year 2005 the magazine trade was expanded to provide complete coverage on Mobile Entertainment. These are one among the major and unbiased music awards of United States. Winners are based on Billboards year end music charts. These awards are given for the popularity of the artist which based on Billboards year end music charts.

These awards are one among the fan’s favorite Hip Hop awards. Major categories of these awards are Hot R&B/ Hip Hop Song, Top R&B/Hip Hop Artist, Top R&B/ Hip Hop Artist- Male, Top R&B/ Hip Hop Artist- Female, Top R&B/Hip Hop Artist- New and Top Rap Album. Every year, these awards held in the month of September. Last Billboard Hip Hop Awards held on 8th September 2006 in  Atlanta, artists were awarded for their performance of last year (2005).

Mariah Carey was the favorite star of the night as she won 4 awards in Categories of Top Hip Hop/R&B Album, Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs Artist, Top R&B/Hip Hop Artist and Top R&B/Hip Hop Artist-Female. Jamie Foxx won the award of Top R&B/ Hip Hop Artist- Male. Jermaine Dupri had also won 2 awards in the category of Top R&B/ Hip Hop Producer and Top R&B/Hip Hop Songwriter.

Mary J Blige ‘Be without You’ Song is awarded for Hot R&B/Hip Hop Song. Seminal rap act Public Enemy received the 2006 Hip-Hop Founders Award in recognition of their long standing influence throughout Hip-Hop.

From above, we have tried to discuss the Billboard Hip Hop Awards with Billboard Magazine, popularity, major categories and 2006 Atlanta Billboard Hip Hop awards, hope the above discussion is useful for you.