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Metal Crafts
Metal craft is an creative art form which involves artistic expression through the use of metals as aluminum metals, silver metals etc. Metal crafting also uses: Metal Bla...


85th Academy Awards
Academy Awards 2013 85th Academy Awards Date February 24, 2013 Site ...

Art Galleries

Art Galleries in Utah
List of Utah Art Galleries Allred Station Art Gallery 488 North Main, Spring City, Utah 84662 Tel # 1-435-462-2137 Apple Yard Art 3096 S. Highland Dr. Salt LAke ...


Greek Civilization
Ancient Greek history One of the ancient birth places of human civilization is attributed to Greece, along with Persian civilizations, Egyptian civilizations and Indian civilizati...

Classical Studies

Museums - Arts Galleries
What is a Museum? Museum is a place where a huge collection of exhibits, generally related to our past history are put forth for view by the public. Seeing is believing. Hence...


Musical Instrument Cases
Musical instruments come in variety of sizes, forms, makes and shapes. In order to ensure that your musical instrument lasts longer and continues to play the same quality of sound ...

Performing Arts

Martial Arts Weapons
To know about the weapons of martial arts, first we have to discuss what is Martial Art? Martial Art is basically an art where you need some specialized skills and techniques to...


Photography Careers
With the cost effectiveness and availability of digital cameras photography is fast becoming a popular hobby but becoming a  photographer is a different ball game. So, if...


Funny Poems
Beautiful Soup a funny poem by Lewis Carroll Daddy Fell into the Pond a funny poem by Alfred Noyes ...


Popular Hobbies
A hobby is an activity that is done particularly during leisure time for pleasure, relaxation or happiness of an individual. Hobbies can include any activity which brings relaxatio...

Seven World Wonders

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu also known as 'Old Mountain' was built by Incan Emperor Pachacutec in the 15th century. It was built in the clouds on a mountain known as Macha Picchu. It is a symbo...


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